Dear Readers, I thought I would use the opportunity of participating in Cee’s Which Way Challenge, to present a few more of my holiday snaps.  I got a little carried away as I was having way too much fun putting them together to tell a little story.  I hope you like it.

Which way home?  Choose your mode – road, rail or perhaps conveyor belt?


I know.  Let us take the very fast train.



Or maybe we won’t.


I hear all roads lead to home.  Or maybe that was Rome.
I dunno.  No idea.  Nup, I dinnae ken.
But I think we should go by road instead.  We have the GPS.


Take the high road or the low.


But be careful of dangers, known and unknown, waiting up ahead.

Lest we get a little squished or worse …




We could go by bus.  We could go by car.  We could even go by horse and cart.

But if it gets a little windy on the way, we must restrain the urge to fart.
Instead we detour to Dunedoo for Dunedoo has a fancy loo.
Flashing lights and piped music designed to please, now let Fluffy off the leash.

But hurry up.  Chop, chop, chop.  Only 10 minutes to finish the job.
Otherwise we may be surprised when the door it opens wide
to reveal a shy backside or man zipping up his strides*.

So hurry up we do, jumping on our trusty steed for the penultimate travel leg.
There are no two which-ways about it.  It is plain for all to see.
The mind has already left the station as we shuffle into Hillend.


I hope that wasn’t too gruesome.

Comments welcome.  Can’t find the Comments Section?  Keep scrolling.


*Aussie slang for trousers.














34 thoughts on “Which Way Home?

      1. Haha! It was a running joke with my children and their partners when we were in Japan a few years ago. I wanted to visit every toilet we found because they were so amazing! Some even had The Body Shop products in them! And, the heated loos! Wow! lol

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  1. Had a good chuckle all the way through your journey Tracy and in rhyme to, welldone. Remember the wobbly bridge when we were in Tenterfield recently. No way you could get across it

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      1. I did like it, but it was a bit weird. The food was “interesting” but at only $10 you can’t complain. I think we stayed in the Kirk Jensen Room.
        The bed was comfy and there was no traffic noise. We were happy.

        The proprietors were hospitable.

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    1. One of those roads was a boat ramp, Ann. I was just getting creative for the sake of the “story”. 🙂

      The dirt roads weren’t too bad, although we did feel rather sorry for the couple who had just bought some lovely pottery from Pillaga Pottery and then ventured out on the long and very corrugated access road. I was worried that every piece they had bought would be shattered by the time they got to the tar road. We have learnt on our travels that there is a prevailing speed at which the car needs to travel to avoid that bumpy feeling. We found that it was 70k on that road, which seemed awfully intimidating for us non-locals who did not know the road well.


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