I have finished my latest mosaic.  It is of a dog.  I thought I would share with you just a few of the dog mosaics I’ve made over the last couple of years.

Three Spitz


My latest (above) is a line drawing in tile.  Several years ago, a friend asked for a mosaic that was an outline of a dog.  I’m always happy to take on a challenge, but there were a few times in its construction when I thought I must have been completely insane to take it on.  However, it turned out well and this is my second tile ‘line drawing’, which will be used to raise money for a dog club.  My children have put in a request for one too; I may have one more left in me.

I find it difficult to make mosaics for other people.  It’s a challenge to be true to my style.  Should I be safe and conservative in colour choice in the hope of attracting more interest?  For the line drawing, I decided to go for striking over elegance, and to just hope for the best.

For the following mosaic, I thought I would try something a little more impressionistic.  One of the issues with tiles is that there are limited colours.  It’s not like paint where you can create different colours and hues by blending.  Despite the difficulty, I still have plans to try my hand at another impressionistic mosaic just for the fun of it; maybe a Kracken and a sailing boat in a storm.  I wish I was joking!  Please tell me it has already been done.

Life In the Wild (2017)

I love Nordic breeds.  Spitz dogs do have attitude.  I made the next mosaic for a friend.  I was going to make a mosaic of the dog with flowers around it, but then had the idea of making the dog with the flowers in it.   The tail does make for a lovely bouquet of flowers.  Can you see the snow-capped mountain with a small lake at its base?  No?  My friend couldn’t either, but it is there.  I like it so much, I might have to make one for myself.

Spring (2017)

And One Scruffy Mutt


This is our Tilley-girl.  She was a great talker.  I plan to make mosaics of all the dogs I’ve loved before.  I’ve got four more to do.  But I think I’ll have a short break from dogs and try something else for a change.

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25 thoughts on “S-tile-ish Spitz Dogs

  1. It’s a terrific pastime to have. I like the mosaic of Tilley, I can see a devoted face there. I’m thinking of doing mosaic on my bird bath with the help of a friend: I’ve never done it before, but she’s an expert.

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    1. Thanks Jane. Have fun with your bird bath. I’ve done a bird bath before. Unfortunately the top started to crack and some pieces have come off. I did all the right things to seal it from the water. I suspect the damage was caused by the water freezing in it from heavy frosts and there was just too much movement of the terracotta base. So make sure you put your birdbath under a bit of cover in the cold weather. Let me know how it goes.


    1. Thank you for the comment, Adele. I call the dog in outline a tile line drawing, because the finished product looks like a line drawing one might do in pencil, but I’ve constructed it in tiles instead. I hope that makes sense. 🙂 There is no real difference in the method I use to make the mosaics. Some are just more detailed than others.

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