The Big T

Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

It shouldn’t be that hard, especially “in these difficult [Covid-19] times”.  Helping each other.  Working side by side.  It’s what we do, right?  For everyone?  You know.  The big T.  Together.

Help me out here.

Kind Regards.

Ragtag Daily Prompt — Normal.


Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge #1

Hello Readers, I know we are all busy just trying to stay alive (welcome to the world of many trapped in refugee camps and in poverty), but if you have enough time (and photos, stories, poems in your archive), you may wish to participate in a new weekly challenge.  I am calling it the Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge.  No, the virus hasn’t evolved.  A corvid is a type of bird.  The challenge will come out each Tuesday, all being well (if you know what I mean). Read more