Book Review – The Brothers Path (Martha Kennedy)

Book Review – The Brothers Path by Martha Kennedy

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The Brothers Path is set in the 16th century during the tumultuous and bloody Swiss Reformation.  Ms Kennedy brings to life the events of the Swiss Reformation through the everyday experiences of the six Schneebeli brothers – Heinrich, Hannes, Peter, Conrad, Thomann and Andreas.  The novel is a follow-up to Savior (see my review here), a story of two Swiss brothers (ancestors of the Schneebeli brothers), caught up in the Crusades in the 13th century.  Each novel is self-contained and can be read independently. Read more

Book Review – Accidental Fugitives: The FBI’s Most Wanted Seniors (by J. David Cox and Sally J. Davies)


Husband and wife team, J David Cox and Sally J. Davis, have ventured into the world of fiction with this their first novel, Accidental Fugitives: The FBI’s Most Wanted Seniors.  Drawing on aspects of their own lives and recent political developments in America under the Trump administration, they have written an action-packed novel centred on Nancy and Charlie Moon, two older Canadians vacationing in America, who unwittingly become illegal aliens and are forced to flee due to crimes they are suspected of committing. Read more

Book Review: Our Life Off the Grid – An Urban Couple Goes Feral (by J. David Cox)

offgridDavid Cox and Sally Davies escape the rat race of Vancouver and corporate careers for life on a remote island in British Columbia, Canada.  Think of it as a mid-life crisis or perhaps even an epiphany.  There isn’t much that Dave can’t learn from a book or the internet, or through trial and error.  So Dave and Sally set out to self-build a house on a steep and difficult site on the tip of a peninsula (ie. no road access).  Much of the book is devoted to the trials, tribulations and joys of remote living and the characters that form part of Dave and Sally’s remote community.  Sound boring?  It isn’t. Read more