What Does International Women’s Day Mean To You?

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It is a fact that it is International Women’s Day today.  I share Louisa Simmond’s views on this subject, so I will let her blog do the talking for me.

Louisa Simmond asks the question what does International Women’s Day mean to you?  I am re-blogging because I am a feminist too.  I also like her commentary on how as a climate scientist, she has been taught “that to make people change you have to show them positivity.”

My Midlife Mayhem By Louisa Simmonds

Firstly, in preparation for that highly original question that is lobbed at me every year around this time – ‘when is International Men’s Day?’ – allow me to remind you fuckers, that it’s every day.


But it is indeed International Women’s Day today, a day to celebrate women’s achievements and because, understandably, many of you may be starting to think that pretty much every day is women’s day on this blog – and what’s wrong with that? – I apologize in advance – kind of. But if for no other reason than you agree that we’re fucking owed today, I hope you read on.

Today also happens to come hot on the heels of my further radicalization at the All About Women conference last Sunday, another reason I couldn’t possibly ignore it, not even for the few whose boxers get in a twist each time I mention the F-word. So…

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My Secret Love is No Secret Anymore

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This is a true story about finding a new community and about re-connecting with loved ones.  It is also yet another story about me growing wiser, as well as, coincidentally, a story about hunting virtual creatures.

Pokémon hunters assemble in anticipation of a raid.  Everyone has helpful advice on the best Pokémon to use to defeat the Raid-boss.

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What a Difference A Date Makes

Australian flag
Australian Flag (source – Australian Parliament House website)

It is Australia Day so I had better say something.  If you don’t already know, there has been much debate in the Australian community about whether Australia Day should continue to be held on January 26.  On 26 January 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip sailed into Sydney Cove to establish a penal colony for the British Empire.   Read more

Coffee and Community – With Love

Let’s talk about coffee.  When I talk about coffee, what I’m really talking about is community.  It’s my observation that there is a clear divide in caffeine quoffing.  It’s coffee drinkers versus tea drinkers.  Of course, this is a huge generalisation, but stick with me.  Until five years ago, I was solely a tea drinker; however, sooner or later – when you reach a certain age – tea is no longer strong enough to keep you awake alert.  Alertness calls for something stronger.  I’m not talking anything illegal; I’m talking coffee – specifically three double-shot espressos a day.  Suddenly, coffee is nigh on a religious experience for me.

My husband and I are both introverts.  We don’t socialise much.  Nevertheless, we have found that somehow coffee has a way of bringing people together.  As a tea drinker who has switched to coffee, I’ve really noticed the extra pulling power of coffee.  I’m not trying to denigrate tea, no way.  I can appreciate the allure of tea ceremonies and high teas, but they’re really only for special occasions, right?  No-one queues to buy a cup of tea.  But, there is community in coffee. Read more

Keeping Up with the Jones – A Strange Thing Happened When I Found Art

There was a time when I was youngish and shallow, when I sort of lost perspective about the important things in life. I guess I was embarrassed and also so very tired. I was embarrassed about my weight, my strange and difficult children, my parenting skills, my lack of career progression, and most of all, I was embarrassed about the suburb I lived in and my shitty little house that was so untidy even my mother didn’t like to visit me (cue violins playing).  Read more

How I Found My Inner (Visual) Artist

I want to give hope to all those people out there, who, like me, have felt, and still feel, that they don’t have an artistic bone in their body.  As a kid, I used to like drawing.  I drew butterflies, dogs and horses.  They were all out of proportion and simple; just a kid’s drawings really. I wasn’t gifted but I had fun. When I reflect back on that time, half the fun was in day dreaming about my drawing, or starting with a blank page and just seeing where it would take me. Pencils were everywhere and anywhere, left lying around when the drawing was done. There was no packing up art supplies. There was no helicopter parent offering a critique or having special art time with me to foster my ‘creativity’, whatever that means.

Then I went to high school and I thought I would try art class as an elective. I know a lot of children thrive in art classes. But for me, it was torture. Read more

The Case for Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

I have been giving a great deal of thought to the forthcoming postal survey – not to the pros and cons of the survey itself but to the question the survey is asking. Should Australian law be amended to allow same-sex couples to marry? For me this question is both universal and personal: to deny same-sex couples the legal rights enjoyed by heterosexual couples offends my sense of justice, but also, a couple of years ago, one of my children came out. Unfortunately it seems that a polite exchange of views between the opposing parties is no longer possible. It saddens me that there appears to be nothing that my LGBTI friends or I could say that would make a difference, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Read more