A part of our small, grassy-woodland urban park is being allowed to regenerate. For the humans participating in the project, this mostly involves assiduous weeding and a small amount of replanting, but most of the hard work is being done by the land itself. The birds and other wild creatures (ie. two skinks and some butterflies) are embracing the changes.

I like my spear grasses straight off the plant.
From paddock to plate –
Fast food –
So fresh, so nutritious, so grand.

This is my place. This is my home.
From this watchtower, I behold you on your knees,
creating a space for us to live together and apart.
My retreat from mankind’s constant intrusions.

Peace and quiet, ladies and gentlemen, peace and quiet.

Kind Regards.

36 thoughts on “Hear My Voice – 1

    1. It is nice to see the change, Vicki. The wattlebirds come down to brush we’ve left lying on the ground quite often. It is their chance to be close to the ground without having to be on the ground so they can fly away quickly if danger approaches.


  1. I read your post with great delight, Tracy!
    Firstly, because work is being done towards regeneration of a green urban space. Secondly, because of the cuties – you manage to capture the dynamism & vivacity of these lovely creatures.

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