Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

It is quite damp here at the moment. In eastern Australia, the sky dogs are rumbling and drooling all the way from Coonamble in northern New South Wales through to Marlo in southern Victoria. Marlo is situated at the mouth of the iconic Snowy River in Victoria. I bet the Snowy River is flowing full throttle at the moment. That would be a sight to behold. Good for the soul.

That’s a nice segue to my song choice. Today we will be listening to Australian rocker, Jimmy Barnes, perform a cover of Soloman Burke’s Cry To Me. If you can’t view the video below, I encourage you to check out the original or one of the many covers on that popular video streaming platform. You know the one I mean. Enjoy.

Riding the wave rapids is a bit daunting. Buckle that life jacket and hold on tight, everyone.

Kind Regards.

21 thoughts on “Rainy Daze

    1. I enjoy the rain, Liz, but the severe thunderstorms are a bit much. Our little dog, Ama is petrified of them so we wrap her up and sit with her. The rain has been brilliant for replenishing our inland transient wetlands. Flood plain water harvesting is increasingly common which means there are fewer years when the wetlands get the water they need to revitalise them.
      Had you heard that song before?

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  1. Raining all the way up the Queensland coast too Tracy. Fortunately “Seth” has now moved away but left 6ft swell and dangerous surf behind it. Stay dry, stay safe.

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      1. I have done that but the humidity makes every thing seem damp. Have ceiling fans on almost all the time. Thank goodness for my shed so I have another reason not to do housework 😂

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  2. I enjoyed Jimmy Barnes song very much, thankyou, Tracey.

    Yes, it’s been more than a little damp on the east coast. I don’t know whether to be consoled with the thoughts of dams being full for the summer or concern that the heavy rains have bolstered the forest undergrowth providing more fuel for bushfire outbreaks.

    My own suburban weather forecast is never right. I wonder if the forecast thunderstorms sometimes miss my housing estate due to its location halfway up a steep river valley.

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    1. My pleasure, Vicki.
      Yep all that new growth poses a huge fire risk.
      Perhaps you are in a rain shadow? We are. We have often been driving home in the rain but as soon as we turn into our street … nothing. The recent storms have been paying us particular attention.

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    1. Hello, welcome and thank you. I am pleased you enjoyed the music. Your mum has good taste. I had a quick dash to your site but I am quite busy at the moment on a project but i will have a proper look when i get a sec. Did I see though that you are now living in Finland? I have two Finnish Spitz and a Finnish Lapphund. Long story but that makes us the luckiest family in the world. 😊

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