Considering the number of orange-themed photos I have, I’ve left my run late for this month’s Life In ColourOrange photography challenge. My how the world has changed since my True Love and I accidentally found ourselves at this vintage car show in Yass (Australia) in December 2019. We used to drive to Yass every Saturday for local produce but unfortunately we have been only a couple of times in the last 20 months. Think of all those carbon emissions we’ve saved. Anyhoo, let’s have a look at the orange cars because they go almost as fast as the red ones.

Those were the days. Drive safely, everyone.

Kind Regards.

24 thoughts on “More Orange Cars Than You Can Poke A Stick At

  1. Aren’t they fabulous? Especially Gringo! We also haven’t been very far over the last 20 months, it’s funny how our lives have changed and I don’t think they’ll ever be the same again. Though you have reminded me that maybe it is time to go back to the farm shop we used to visit which is only 20 minutes drive! Thanks for sharing your oranges with me Tracy 🧡🧡

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    1. They are fabulous. It was quite a big show for a country town. There was not a speck of dust on the cars despite the fact that it was in the midst of the drought, dust storms and smoke everywhere because of bushfires.
      A nice drive to a farm shop sounds luxury to me. I hope you have an electric car though!

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  2. I remember the days of muscle cars very well. The boyfriend of my best friend in high school had a Plymouth Road Runner. The night he decided to race a Camero on the interstate I really thought I was going to die.

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    1. I can imagine, Liz! My former neighbour’s 15 year old daughter became a quadriplegic and suffered a terrible brain injury in a car that her boyfriend wsd driving. They had an accident as he was drag racing on the streets. Young men in fast cars don’t have a lot of sense and they over estimate their abilities.

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