Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

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What a rocky week it has been. In North America, record breaking heatwave exacerbated by climate change is killing people, flora and fauna, as well as damaging infrastructure and disrupting economic activity. In Australia, the national government announced it will provide a loan to a private company, Pembroke Resources (established 2014), for a new metallurgical coal mining project. The mine will have an operating life of 80 years. Pembroke Resources is owned by US private equity firm, Denham Capital. No pesky shareholders or bankers to worry about, but who is going to insure a project like that? Do Australian governments (there is bipartisan support for coal projects) really not care about the damage that our addiction to coal is causing? I wonder if all our fire fighters are vaccinated now in case they are called to help fight fires overseas this year?

Let’s not go there. It is too depressing.

However, since we are chatting about rocks, I learnt from another blogger, Martha Kennedy, that Colorado town, Crestone, is known for its geology and for the discovery of a partially mummified body of a cult leader at the town (see here). I guess it is pretty dry in Crestone. The name of the cult group is called “Love Has Won”. So naturally, I thought of the song, Love On The Rocks, written by Neil Diamond and Gilbert Bécaud. You thought that too, didn’t you? Anyway, it is my choice for Friday song day. Enjoy.


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  1. The Australian LNP government are a bunch of self serving individuals, serving their masters not their electorates. Its a depressing situation, but your Neil Diamond song pic is spot on.

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  2. Neil is one of my favourites from my youthful years. I had lots of his records too back in the time of 78’s and 45’s. Unfortunately it wouldn’t play for me so will have to go find it on YouTube. Good choice

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    1. It’s kind of complicated, Liz. Coal is a reductant in steel making. Steel making comprises over 10 percent of global emissions. So far I haven’t heard that anyone wants to give up steel. Not sure which countries are making green steel, using hydrogen as a reluctant, at the moment. Maybe Norway? I’m pretty sure we already have coal mines that mine metalurgucal coal without having to open new mines with an operating life of 80 years. I’ve been meaning to write something on this for about 2 years but i think ive already turned a lot of people off!

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