Autumn in Canberra (the national capital of Australia) – A month of sunshine (La Nina ends). A walk in the park. It has been over 300 days since Canberra recorded a case of local transmission of the coronavirus.

Apologies, ladies and gentlemen, as blogging and my art work both give me a pain in the neck, I will let my photos do the talking this month.

We enjoy the sunshine after a wet, cool summer. I have been taking lots of photos of Fynnie because I want to do a mosaic portrait of him.

The days are short and the shadows are long so you have to move fast to get the shot.

The art project is a work in progress. I am crap at drawing so I use a grid to help me transfer my drawing to board. Mosaicing is painstaking and painful work, but It takes my mind off national politics and my vaccine nerves. It is nearly four weeks since I had my first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The sunsets have been glorious. I snapped this photo in the car on the way home from the park.

This is my response to The Changing Seasons – April 2021 photo challenge hosted by the lovely Su at Zimmerbitch.

My thoughts are with you all. Take care.

Kind Regards.

About the photos:
The photos of the orchid, swan, moon and red-browed finch were taken by my True Love, the remainder were taken by me.

45 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – April 2021

    1. Thank you, Tish. I try to walk off the pain but carrying my camera is starting to hurt too. We will get some cold weather soon and that will give my neck a break.
      It is a red browned finch. They move so quickly it is hard to snap a nice photo but my TL has the knack.

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    1. That makes me happy. I get so enthusiastic about what I see that it is nice to know that someone else shares that enthusiasm too. I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with your fabulous poems. I have to be careful I don’t wreck my neck from spending too much time on my phone or computer.


  1. Lovely set of photos Tracy, What a lovely laid back pose of Flynnie. That mosaic is coming along so well I’ll look forward to seeing one of your lovely little dog. I think we still have the tail end of La Nina here as the rain still, thank goodness, keeps coming.

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    1. Thanks, Pauline. No rain here. Maybe this week. You need the rain as it is quite a bit hotter in your part of the country.
      Fynnie will be hard to mosaic because he is a solid colour. That’s a job for next spring. Still I am feeling quite organised at the moment so that’s a change. Must be the weather.


      1. Yes we definitely need regular rain here, so this present lot is very welcome. I also feel more energized in the cooler weather. But also pleased it doesn’t get as coo; as you get it…

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  2. You’ve definitely taken some lovely images in times which continue to be less than easy. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed mosaic.


  3. Thank you for sharing the progress on your mosaic. I can imagine how your neck would suffer. I was thinking the photo of Fynnie is the seasonal opposite of Ophelia yesterday, soaking up the spring sunshine. I wonder if they would be friends? My favourite photo is the kangaroo in the grass. In my anthropomorphic way, it seems like a peaceful and pensive moment.


    1. I don’t know how Fynnie would go around other dogs. I tried to socialise him but he was/is too bolshie. He gets bolshie with me too over the couch and other things he considers his. This is perhaps why he doesn’t get a mention too often.
      The kangaroos were happy grazing. They are very shy. The lads will be getting frisky soon so we have to give them a lot of space.

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  4. I am so sorry to hear that you live with pain – and that it does affect your ability to do the things you love. Any chance it will improve with medication or time?

    I used to love to mosaic – but I discovered that the dust from the tiles sets my allergies off. So, I enjoy it vicariously through you.

    One more dose of vaccine to go? Hope it all goes smoothly. I hear you though, about other aches & pains. After my 1st dose, I was mostly ok (apart from a sore arm). But a week later, I felt flu-ish aches etc etc … but couldn’t figure out whether is was delayed vaccine-reactions. It’s just what it is.

    Wishing you a good week ahead, pain-free hopefully.

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    1. Thank you, Ju-Lyn. I think the pain is linked to posture and repetitive strain. I probably need better core strength.
      I hope you are feeling better now after the vaccination. I’m going well now. I won’t have my second shot until the end of June.
      All the best, Ju-Lyn. I hope you have a good week.


      1. That would be Loving Husband’s belief – that we could all do with better core strength. I know I should work more on it as well, but core exercises aren’t the most interesting.

        Good week ahead Tracy!

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