Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you. This post is dedicated to all the lying cows out there.

The news over the last couple of weeks illustrates sexism continues to pervade all levels of Australian society, so it is more important than ever that we (women and men) work together to ensure that women can get a fair go.

I would like to know which MPs were, or are, “members” of a group that allegedly called, or calls, itself the “big swinging dicks”. I understand that the woman who has spoken of this group’s existence has essentially been called a liar. That is a big call to make against a former deputy party leader, and speaks to the question of the accusers’ characters. These alleged dickheads should put their dicks where their mouths are, and ‘fess up, don’t you think?

It was International Women’s Day last Monday, so I think we need an uplifting song to mark the occasion. Here is Shonen Knife singing a cover of “Top of the World“. Enjoy.

Stay strong, fair-minded women and men of Australia and of the world.

Kind Regards.

20 thoughts on “She Said, They Said

  1. Hmm ! Totally unexpectedly on this Friday evening you have made me go talk to Mr Google to find rather more than I would have thought about the ‘big swinging dicks club” . . . and Julie Bishop’s part in the story . . . thank you ! Back tomorrow morning to do some proper ‘research’ ~~~ I could give my ‘wicked’ opinion about any dicks swinging and the’other story’ of a 32-year old ‘rape allegation by a couple of 16- and 17-year olds out for a night in ‘wicked’ Kings Cross . . . but you would probably have to delete most put down 🙂 ! As ’tis said in Jewish ‘oy veih’ !!!! . . . but thank you . . .


  2. Yep.
    “These alleged dickheads should put their dicks where their mouths are, and ‘fess up, don’t you think?”
    Well said. They should all know that eventually, it’s all going to come out (pun actually not intended, but funny now I re-read the sentence), so they may as well get it over with.

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  3. Shonen Knife is a lot of fun! To hear them sing “Top of the World” in that ironic way…pure gold. My selection is also ironic. Christine Lavin “The Longest song title in music history” YouTube.

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    1. Thanks, Sid. Glad you liked it.
      I think you’ve mentioned the Christine Lavin song before. Don’t worry. I can’t remember all the tunes I’ve put up either. 😁 i love her song so it is good to hear it a few more times. I certainly need a laugh right now.

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