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  1. One of my treasured pieces is “Moonlight Sonata” as played by Murray Perahia. I thought about picking something by Glen Gould such as Goldberg’s Bach variations which is sublime. I recently came across a group called Black Pumas’ “Colours” they were new to me although they had over 39 million plays on YouTube. I also recommend “Oct33(Official live session with string quartet) by Black Pumas, on YouTube.

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    1. I’m saving Goldberg’s Bach variations for later. More rain is forecast over the next week so I should have time to listen. We’ve moved into a La Nina cycle here which means it is wetter than average. I listened to “Colours” at your suggestion, Sid. I hadn’t heard it before either and really enjoyed it both for the message and for the wonderful performance thereof.
      Have you listened to Murray Perahia’s performance of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 before? It is one of my favourites.


      1. Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 features Perahia’s virtuosity which is fabulous. I watched Perahia rehearsing a symphony to accompanying him when he performs it. I’m not a musician but I found Murray’s directions to the symphony orchestra very enriching. In BC the snow is falling in the mountain passes and gales here on the Coast. We had a a dry summer and we need the rain. I enjoy these exchanges of musical selections.

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