Breaking News – Penultimate Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge.

Welcome to Week 12 of my Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge.  Corvids are birds belonging to the Corvidae family, encompassing ravens, crows, magpies, jays and nutcrackers.  So peruse your corvid photo, poetry, music and story archives and join the challenge.

You can participate in the Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge by creating a pingback to this post (my pingback approval settings are set up for manual approval, so it may take a little while for your pingback to appear) and/or by leaving a hyperlink to your submission in the comments.  Tag your post Corvid-2020 or C20WC.  I really do hope you will join in.

Dear Readers, I am running out of ideas for my Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge. All good things must come to an end, I guess. I have decided to end my challenge at Week 13 for obvious reasons. Don’t be sad. We still have two opportunities to impress ourselves with our brilliance. Just joking. Perhaps I might start a spider challenge next. Joking again. It is not the right time of year in my part of Australia for spiders. Anyway, back to the corvids.

Judgment Day

the games we play
survival of the fittest
adapt or die
time out versus sin bin
two sides, two ways
sufferin’ succotash
she who dares wins
we woz robbed; the raven decides

I had some wonderful entries last week. Check them out.

I don’t want any really.

Out for a Stroll

Spring into Summer With Magpie Cuteness


I hope you will join me this week and again next week for the final instalments of the Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge.

Kind Regards.

56 thoughts on “Corvid-2020 Weekly Challenge #12

    1. Hello there and welcome. Corvids are particular types of birds. There is a list in my post. To participate, all you need do is a prepare a post that is corvid related on your own site. It can be anything – poetry, art, prose, photography, music – and then link it via a pingback to, or leaving a link in the comments on, my latest corvid challenge post. Have a look at some of my other readers’ contributions (links also included in my post) and you will get the general idea. I hope that explanation helps. Hope you join in. It is fun.

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  1. Thank you so much. Too bad the challenge would end in 2 weeks. I have a question; is the Greater Coucal a corvid bird? Cause the only corvid birds found here is the crow and I am not sure about this Greater Coucal bird. Please help.


  2. We need more weekend days to fit it all in…Every time I hear “suffern’ succotash”, I can’t help think of the Looney Tunes…nice glossy capture of the raven.

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      1. Perhaps, I could send Ophelia for a visit… she’s up with first light, lately that’s about 5:30..but it doesn’t really mean more gets done 🤪

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  3. I tried last week to get a good photo of my local raven being harassed by a starling, but the wind has been blowing like a MF and the wire they were balanced on was swinging like something populated by a kid on a playground. 😦

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  4. ‘’This raven knows exactly what it is doing haha” YouTube.
    Also have a look at the painting by 19th century artist Emily Carr, Big Raven. ‘’Big Raven” is an ironic
    Canadian image and is a national treasure.

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  5. A raccoon is in the tree top of my cherry tree eating the cherries. They can not be menaced so there she will stay til the kits call. My tree is the Queen Anne variety and I think I can get some cherries at the local market.

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  6. I have no idea how I got unsubscribed from your blog Tracy. This is a challenge I would have enjoyed, so I’m sorry I seem to have missed it. I hope I’m now on the subscription list again!


    1. It was probably my stupid laptop, Margaret. The trackpad is so sensitive that I only have to accidentally brush it, and it goes and does secret things unbeknownst to me. I swear I lost about 50 subscribers on one day. Although other people have had similar problems, so maybe it is a broader issue.
      It is a shame you missed the corvid challenge. It did prove a welcome distraction over a few horrible months. I post the last challenge opportunity this coming Tuesday. Feel free to join in for the final week.

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    1. 🙂 Have you watched too many scary spider docos, Sarah? You must look up the dancing peacock spider on YT. The peacock spider is tiny and exquisite. Honestly, nothing to be scared about. I have never come across one, but it would be a dream come true if I did.

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      1. I’ve actually had a chance to watch the fascinating dance of the dancing peacock spider about two weeks ago in a documentary! And you’re absolutely right – it’s beautiful! Still, 8 legs are 4 too many for my taste! 😂

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