Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.  Today I’ve chosen a song for all those Australian public servants who, after being derided for years, are

“to be an essential service which needs to keep working in order to keep Australians safe, and ensure that services are delivered for the Australian people. We [the Australian Public Service] can provide the support our community needs, but it is going to require the contribution of the entire APS. Every public servant who can work, should work.” Australian Public Service Commission Response to ABC News Story, Last Reviewed 26 March 2020

Sounds more like conscription to me than working together.  To add insult to injury, repeat ad nauseam, “Delivering for Australians“, the government’s latest reform agenda to make public servants more responsive.  Like what on earth were public servants doing before?  Be careful, public servants, you’ll be getting a white feather if you don’t cooperate for reasons of sanity, poor health, protecting vulnerable family members, or staying at home to flatten the curve.  I’m sure it won’t come to the feather.  Commonsense and kindness will prevail, don’t you think?  Delivering for Australians means delivering for government employees too.  It’s a partnership.

I wish I had a magic tonic/vaccine to protect all those providing essential services.  It is a lot to ask of you.  It always has been.

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23 thoughts on “Delivering or Deliverance?

  1. Beautifully said. There are so many people in communities throughout Australia who deserve national honours. This year has been truly demanding. And it’s ordinary, non-uniformed, anonymous Australians who have stepped up. Big time.

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  2. So many unsung heroes that need to be appreciated. Now we are really seeing who the important people are in the community, and it is NOT the CEOs. Well said Tracy

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      1. Sadly we’ve recorded our first two deaths as a result of COVID-19 today, and passed the 1,000 confirmed infections mark as well, ironically on the first day of a very strict, three week, nationwide lockdown…

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