Dear readers, I’m falling a little behind in responding to comments.  I will be with you shortly, but in the meantime, in the interest of toilet paper conservation, here is a song for the ladies.

Kind Regards.

21 thoughts on “Keeping It Clean

  1. Some of Canada’s distilleries are making sanitizer which needs a concentration of at least sixty percent alcohol. They are adding a substance to make the sanitizer not drinkable. The Beatles song is great! Thank you Tracy.

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    1. Hello Punam, I’m fine. Exhausted trying to organise myself and the grown up children. One had to quit his job to keep me safe. Much anguish involved. Normally it is the mother that makes all the sacrifices.
      How are you?
      PS. I’m not on FB at the moment due to a stuff up on my part. Long story. Just having a rest.


      1. Tracy, good to know you are fine. This pandemic is taking toll on our lives in unthinkable ways! Don’t fret about your son quitting his job. He is safe and you are safe, that is what matters and no, we mothers do not have a copyright over sacrifice! Be proud of him.
        I am fine. We are under lockdown till mid-April. But sadly it has been done in a very shoddy manner.
        You take care. I am praying for the well-being of all the bloggers. I just want this to pass quickly….I know, wishful thinking!!

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      2. More than the usual amount of stuff-ups here too, Punam. It is in all our hands to do the right thing, including showing compassion to those less fortunate.

        Thankfully there is no shortage of wishful thinking and good people doing their utmost to help get this under control.

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