My contribution to Sunshine’s Macro Monday #30.

Hello readers, you all know how I love to share my True Love’s beautiful photos.  He took this photo a couple of months ago.  The photo was lovely in colour but someone else invited me to participate in a monochrome photo challenge, so I played around and converted it to B&W.  I’m not sure if B&W conversion is allowed in macro photography?  Any idea?

Anyway it was a very windy day so the photo is a little blurry, but still turned out nice, don’t you think?


Kind Regards.

51 thoughts on “Bee-tiful

      1. Feel better soon.
        No not cyclone. I was away when Perth was hit by a storm cell. Today was a day of clean up. Tree fell on patio and house got water damaged. Had to grit my teeth and get on with it.


      2. I’m okay thanks. Came home late last night to a dark home. Woke at midnight to water pouring from the ceiling in laundry. I sat on the sofa and did what one does. I cried!
        Insurance were wonderful. Said to fix it and send them the pics and bill. But it took up my whole day.

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  1. Incredible teamwork, Tracy! I love B&Ws for all sorts of reasons, one of them being they just change the perspective of the subject (s) – and in this case, compelling a closer look to unravel the lines and shadows!

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