November — Words fail me actually.  The photos are kind of nice though.


river mouth


sea gull

As this post coincides with my Friday song day, let’s have some music composed by the exceedingly talented Elena Kats-Chernin and performed by the Acacia Quartet (I must get this CD).  My True Love and I consider Elena Kats-Chernin an absolute super-star to rival those musty, old, classical music dudes of previous generations.

This is my response to The Changing Seasons — November photo challenge, hosted by the lovely Su Leslie at Zimmerbitch.   Anyone can join in the challenge.  It’s fun.

All the very best.

I also finished my mosaic this month.  See here.

45 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – November 2019

  1. Wow. The pale green car in the second photo that you only have a headlight and the hood? I think that’s my favorite car EVER. A Citroen. Beautiful photos and I am imagining that November is June or May or another one of those nasty months where it doesn’t snow and the horseflies bite, but that’s just here in Heaven. Makes you wonder about the nickname, doesn’t it. Interesting music — either it, its name or the picture reminds me of the film Bleu,

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    1. I took many photos of the Citroen, Martha. It is so cat-like. I love it. However, because I had chosen a blue theme for the post, it nearly didn’t make the cut. So I had to get creative. 🙂 November is normally quite nice but, you know, no normal anymore. Except for the lies. They’re normal. And for some reason that still bothers me.
      I haven’t watched that film. Too sad. The music reminds me of your coyote painting. Full but empty. Does that make sense?

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      1. Bleu isn’t really sad. My favorite of the trilogy is Rouge. That’s where I learned to deal with my brother, one line in that film and BAM. I’m trying to compartmentalize the political stuff because right now, over here, with the impeachment stuff going on, it’s really up in the air and the problem, as always, is human beings. But I am one. It’s a nasty spot to be in… 😉

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  2. Your photos are lovely Tracy. The kingfisher is gorgeous. You know I totally get wanting to let the photos speak for themselves. November has been a s**t of a month, and I despair of things improving.

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    1. Thank you, Su. I despair too. I can’t even escape outside to my craft. It is too windy and dusty. Most of my photos are taken in the late afternoon when the wind has dropped off a bit and it is a little cooler. Also, many of the reserves are closed for public safety reasons.

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    1. Thank you, Mick. I appreciate the compliment. My husband took the bird photos. He has a steady hand, whereas I get very wobbly with a birding lens at full extension. 🙂
      Maldon and Castlemaine are top spots, but I wouldn’t want to live there in summer! My rose models are from Braidwood. They were magnificent. Apparently they are not looking quite as good now. The town was encircled by bushfires just the other day and is now on water restrictions.


  3. I imagine November must have been difficult with the bushfires–it was quite sad to read about over here. I hope you weren’t too near or severely affected. And I’m glad you still were able to capture so much beauty in nature — the serene lake scene was one of my favorites. (Also great music!)

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    1. Thank you. We are fine in my area, although buffeted by the drying wind. Dust storms put a dampener on any outdoor excursions. Lucky it was fine, still day for the car show. The cars sparkled in the sun. And thank you to listening to the music. I am glad you enjoyed it.


  4. A lovely and reflective collection of your November, Tracy. Love the photos of the glorious roses, the nesting bird and wonderful kingfisher! And that song! So beautiful and ethereal! Thank you for introducing me to this artist!!

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