It is time for my Friday song post.  Where did the week go?  I’m relaxed and comfortable (in-joke, a little Aussie humour) at the seaside.  However, at the back of my mind, there is still this ominous foreboding that we are in too deep.  It’s a feeling that Australian singer-songwriter, Richard Clapton, writes so well about in his song, Deep Water.  So I thought it should be my Friday pick.

Before I share the song, have you heard about the latest Aussie political shenanigans and proposed crackdown on environmental protests?  See the Washington Post.  There is much I could say about this, but I am going to follow the example of a bloke I met at the boat ramp yesterday.  He came over to me to ask what one couple in the picnic area were doing.  No, it was not what you think, ladies and gentlemen.  The couple were casting around with …. metal detectors.  Sure, it was odd, but you know, no need to judge.  Maybe the woman had lost her wedding ring, or something.  He wondered whether he should ask them or just go fishing instead?  We both thought fishing was the best option.  So, like that man, there are better things for me to do at the moment, which brings me back to the song.     

Hail the soporific effect of the seaside.  How does any serious writing get done in such a locale?


37 thoughts on “How Deep?

  1. YouTube has several versions of “Deep Water” available for free streaming, This song is new to me and it catches my mood. Thank you Tracy.

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    1. Glad you were able to find the song, Keith. It is so hard to know which videos have geo-blockers before posting. I am glad you meet your muse at the beach. I’m finding it very difficult to concentrate on anything in such beautiful coastal surroundings. Perhaps if I lived here all the time, I might get used to it. 🙂

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  2. Great song, Tracy!! And isn’t it fun watching people with metal detectors? I’ve seen a couple every time I went to Spain on holidays – they were “fishing” for lost coins and jewellery on the beach and apparently quite successful too. You wouldn’t believe how many people go to the beach wearing golden watches, rings, earrings, necklaces… and loose them in the sea!

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      1. It was pretty weird, but I had a second thought that perhaps this person was one of the number of unemployed people over 50 years of age, who were unable to work but who was forced to live on only $40 a day. The unemployment benefit has not risen in over 25 years! Someone should write a novel about it.

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      1. Tuross Heads might get you closer on the map.

        We are fine in Canberra. Top temp of 28c predicted. Winds gusting will get stronger this afternoon. We are not quite as dry as further north and temps, while they have been high, are much less than Sydney. And you?

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