Hello Everyone, I just thought I would let you know that I appreciated every comment on my last post.  It probably wasn’t the wisest decision to cover that incident but it is an important subject and I needed suggestions.  So thank you.  I have now closed comments on the post.  Somehow my bravery, make that bravado, has deserted me.  That’s all.

The End


25 thoughts on “Thanks and Admin Notice

  1. I think those situations should be talked about more. I wasn’t able to find it, but we have a little phone code a woman can use if she’s in trouble and needs help. If people talked about it more — as you did, brilliantly, it would be harder for men to get by with it. Your post was awesome and brave.

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  2. I have stood up to adults when children are at risk. We all have choices, whereas children do not. Having said that I have been known to be outspoken if I have seen an incident. Unfortunately, the woman can be punished later. Until she seeks help or is given information to find help nothing the general public can do. A bit like an alcoholic or any other addict until they chose to make a change there is nothing we can do, for those that we know it is all about being there for them and support them when they make the change.

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  3. You did a great service by your actions, Tracy, and you were very courageous. All of us encounter similar incidents, and most of us don’t know exactly what to do. I waver between wanting to be a superhero and wanting to be vengeance personified.

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    1. Goodness me, Irene, I’m not brave! Really. I just observed that the man was a bully, a manipulator and a blackmailer. Fortunately, carrying weapons in public is illegal and uncommon. Some people do have guns, but they tend to use them in the privacy of their own home (which is horrendous). And as far as I could tell he was very fastidious and wasn’t drunk. But thank you. Your support means a lot to me. ❤


  4. A terribly difficult, and possibly dangerous, situation that was, Tracy. As you’ve closed comments I just want to say that even if you think you weren’t brave you actually were – people have learned nowadays to look away, speaking up is not only out of fashion it seems but sadly it has become dangerous indeed. There have been a couple of incidents in Germany where people acting against aggressors and bullies in public came to serious harm themselves. Thus the reluctance to act. 😯

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  5. And I think Martha Kennedy said it just right – call the police without being seen to do that is the best way to handle this I think. Unless you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger then you can do pretty much as you like. 😉


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