Welcome to Canberra, ladies and gentlemen — the national capital of Australia, where the federal parliament convenes when it feels like it and policy is made on the hop in the rabbit warrens corridors of power.  It is also home to many rabbits.

Few national capitals play host to rabbit warrens on the main boulevard into the CBD.  n3.jpg

They are quite the tourist attraction.  Isn’t this little kitten gorgeous?


And what about this wily wabbit?  It is a little unsure of my presence.
It’s not like it owns the place!


They keep the lawns trimmed and grass cored.  However, this rabbit-y ideal faces it biggest threat yet.  Myxomatosis?  Maybe not.  Canberra’s first tram line has just been built.  There are plans ahop to extend it — yes, you guessed it — right through the home of the dastardly wabbits.

Poor Bugs, poor Bugs, poor Bugs.


Letters of complaint should be addressed to the Chief Bunny Prime Minister of Australia and the Chief Bunny Minister of the Australian Capital Territory.

Kind Regards.


38 thoughts on “Get Off The Grass

  1. I’d never heard about the Canberra rabbits before. Maybe they should stage an Occupy Canberra protest. Mind you I do think trams are a good thing but it would be a shame to lose such popular bunnies.
    As for the PM, he’ll probably tell them to get a job.

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    1. I’m not sure that they are a tourist attraction, Vanda. I just made that up. 🙂 But they really are something to behold. They can’t hold back progress. They’ll have to move back to the university. Yeah, they are not a good look. Breeding and living off the largesse of the taxpayer.

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      1. I always used to read about sheep in connection with Canberra. I’m guessing most people don’t like the rabbits but I’d think it was cool to see so many in city areas even if they are somewhat of a pest.

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  2. We have a community in B.C., Canmore, that is hopping “mad” with domestic rabbits! Town is divided on their presence. They actually had a cull, but there is still over a 1000. Looks very much like your photos.

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      1. The rabbits in Canmore were domestic, they are not natural to the area. Even the coyotes can’t keep the population in check. The tram is probably a good thing…less cars on the road!

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  3. If they get displaced without a re-location plan, they will have to find another habitat, which might become a problem in backyards and gardens. Poor Bugs and poor Elmer, too!

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      1. Hehe, natural balance! I was wondering if these bunnies had predators. Around here, bunny population grows for a while, then foxes have their surge, and so on.

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