September I’ve got flowers on my mind.

When I look at my September photos, I feel my life this month has been a little boring.  But never mind.  It is as it is.  I hope my readers like flowers.  

Spring has sprung in my part of the world.
The plants are in a whirl as their buds begin to unfurl.

In bud

Blossom is in – whether it be tumbling down or growing up.

Pinks and purple are all the rage.

Not to be outdone by orange and red.

Other parts of the city are a sea of yellow.  A harbinger of sunnier times to follow.

I cannot resist the cinnamon wattle.
cinnamon wattle

Still some hesitate; a little uncertain.lamplight

While for others it is time to get naked.tree

Every month Su Leslie from Zimmerbitch hosts a monthly photo challenge, The Changing Seasons.  Click on the link to find out how to participate in the September Challenge.

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34 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – September

      1. There is, but I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks. Have been a bit busy with visitors etc and I’ve got a bit behind. It’s nice to be missed, thanks, Tracy!

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      1. The trailing hardenbergia was especially interesting. I’m only familiar with the plant from seeing photos and I’ve seen small plants for sale over here. I love its habit and how it gets covered in those beautiful, colourful flowers!

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