September I’ve got flowers on my mind.

When I look at my September photos, I feel my life this month has been a little boring.  But never mind.  It is as it is.  I hope my readers like flowers.  

Spring has sprung in my part of the world.
The plants are in a whirl as their buds begin to unfurl.

In bud

Blossom is in – whether it be tumbling down or growing up.

Pinks and purple are all the rage.

Not to be outdone by orange and red.

Other parts of the city are a sea of yellow.  A harbinger of sunnier times to follow.

I cannot resist the cinnamon wattle.
cinnamon wattle

Still some hesitate; a little uncertain.lamplight

While for others it is time to get naked.tree

Every month Su Leslie from Zimmerbitch hosts a monthly photo challenge, The Changing Seasons.  Click on the link to find out how to participate in the September Challenge.

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34 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – September

    1. It was at the ANBG, Jane. I don’t we have anything that fancy in our local area. 🙂

      Did I miss any of recent garden posts from you, Jane? I’ve been keeping an eye out. My reader is playing up…. Must be lots happening up your way.


      1. There is, but I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks. Have been a bit busy with visitors etc and I’ve got a bit behind. It’s nice to be missed, thanks, Tracy!

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      1. The trailing hardenbergia was especially interesting. I’m only familiar with the plant from seeing photos and I’ve seen small plants for sale over here. I love its habit and how it gets covered in those beautiful, colourful flowers!

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