This is my response to the Ragtag Daily Prompt of 30 June 2018 — Fluke.

I’ve been too busy for writing lately.  Life and all that.  Luckily my son and I were home the other day when a flock of yellow-tailed black cockatoos flew over our house and landed in the small reserve just a few doors down.  There were about 30 of them, which was quite a sight.  Normally, we see about five to six this time of year, and they usually stick to the tree tops beyond the range of our camera.  But this day, they came down to feast on the smaller casuarinas.  A few also drank from some puddles on the roadside.  The fluke was that they stuck around long enough for my son to get the camera out to photograph them.  My bird-brain son can run fast sometimes.  It was such a treat to get these few photos.



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16 thoughts on “One For The Road

  1. Love the pictures. I’ve never seen yellow-tailed black cocktoos before. It’s like a study of contrast to me to see what I think of as exotic birds hanging out on a city street.

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  2. How wonderful to have them stop by. They look like they’re having fun and a quick chat to each other between sips.

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