WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  —  Liquid

The theme for the WordPress Weekly Challenge theme is “liquid”.  In responding to the Challenge, my main criterion was that the focus of the photo should be on the water/liquid rather than on the other elements within the photo.  I have chosen four very different photos taken by various members of my family, that I think meet this criterion.  I also wanted to post the photos largely unedited.  What do you think is the main focus of each of the photos?





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15 thoughts on “Going With The Flow

  1. Water is flowing in all your pics, even though only in droplets from your dog. That’s a great photo btw, of the dog jumping in the water.

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  2. I love the shot with your dog!! I bet he/she had lots of fun that day! Also love those beautiful turtles in the first one on which I focused more than the water fountain for some reason.

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