WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge  —  Prolific

I had decided not to enter this week’s photo challenge, but changed my mind today as I had the very good fortune to visit the amazingly beautiful Australian National Botanic Gardens.  To my delight, there were many plants in full bloom.  My little phone camera struggled with some of the smaller, more delicate flowers, but it absolutely loved the banksias.  There is such a huge variety of banksias, and many were flowering prolifically.  I hope you like them as much as my camera did.








Even when the flower is dead, they have a beautiful sculptural look that is completely fascinating.



On the home front, in Spring we bought a punnet of butternut pumpkin seedlings.  Only two very small pumpkins were produced from four vines.  They did not like the unusually hot Summer temperatures.  We got a surprise when one of the seedlings turned out to be a “Queensland Blue”.  This one seedling produced a bumper crop.  Here are some still on the vine.


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24 thoughts on “So Many Banksias

  1. Oh, my. The banksias came out beautifully. The Queensland blue, so hard to cut, is the only pumpkin I remember from my childhood. My uncle would grow them in among the corn. And then along came the butternut, creating a generation of pumpkin-soup makers.

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    1. I didn’t see any banksia men, Pauline, but I kept a look out for them. I think that they may move too fast. I will have to get a better camera if I’m going to have any luck at all in photographing them. 🙂

      My friend was similarly disappointed with her pumpkin haul. I’m going to stick with Queensland Blue next year because they seem to be the only ones that can handle the heat.

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