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In this week’s photo challenge, we have been asked to be a visual story-teller.  Rather than choose a series of photos that provide a complete narrative, I’ve chosen three photos (three different stories) that respectively represent a beginning, middle and an end.




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11 thoughts on “From Start to Finish

  1. Seeing these photos led me to read several blogs about your dogs which I enjoyed so much and smiled at often. I am not a dog owner but I can understand how yours have stolen your heart. They sound like rare and fascinating animals.

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  2. I’m drawn to the backstory of the grubby hand holding the pup with such tenderness, but I wonder what those chaps are up to? It’s winter, and they’re looking for something. Knowing them as I believe I do — that spoils it a little — I’m pretty sure they are not on their way to a sinister meeting with an abalone poacher. No, they are on a dogged search for a much more ancient story in the rocks. The older one knows how to read those geological layers and will tell the story to the younger. South Coast?

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  3. Thank you for the comment, Diana. We were picking my puppy. And yes, there was a backstory to that. The breeder had accidentally left the tap of her tank on and the ground next to it was flooded. Of course the puppies noticed the mistake first. 🙂

    Those lads do look suspicious. Three lads went on a road trip around Victoria. That is the beautiful Wilson’s Promontory. And if you haven’t been there, you absolutely should. I’ve been once on my honeymoon. Once visited, never forgotten.


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