Back On The Hustings (NaPoWriMo #4)

Investing in public health saves lives.

Hurts. History repeats.
Overwhelmed (even more) hospital staff. Important details omitted.
Seniors. ie. not. Bedded down in the geriatric ward. Also, still short staffed.
Pan. ie. bed. Plan B. Also, patients. Way too many (not their fault).
Investment. To fix this health care crisis. Also incomplete medical notes.
Toilet. Plan A. Please god, plan A. Also tired, ie. everyone, and stop the tax cuts.
Accidents & Errors. Inevitable when staff exhausted. Investment, not tax cuts.
Love. Not for love or money. Burnout. Get out. Real life “Survivor“.

The entrance to the Emergency section of Canberra Hospital and the complex’s main tower, by Nick D, Creative Commons Attribution: Share Alike 3.0

Aussies, give your vote to the person that shows they care by putting their money where their mouth is. Our health, public health. In Australia, public hospital costs are shared between the national and state/territory governments.

Unfortunately my TL is back in hospital, ladies and gentlemen. I may need to take another blogging break. I’ll let you know or fail to show. How poetic!

Take care, everyone.
Kind Regards.