Bird poetry – Little Eagle (Hieraaetus morphnoides

The Little Eagle is a small eagle about the size of a peregrine falcon. It has a wingspan of about 100cm. It is listed as vulnerable in the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales.

We saw this one soaring over the Australian National Botanic Gardens in late winter. My True Love and I managed to find a break in the trees to capture this photo (cropped within an inch of its life).

Shadow overhead –
hunter in the sky, cruising –
Can hear a pin drop.

Read about the Little Eagle monitoring project here. See a video of them nesting below.

I was inspired by all the people participating in today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt – Aquiline.

Kind Regards.

31 thoughts on “Airborne

  1. I love the photo of the Little Eagle in flight. Looking at a bird like that, I can fully understand why Icarus wanted to fly. Thank you for posting the video. I find bird behavior fascinating.

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      1. Relief that the US election is over despite what the president suggests. Still, there’s a very long road ahead of this country, repairing the mess he’s made and uniting a very divided citizenry.

        How are things in Australia? I think you’re still cleaning up from all the fires – it will be decades before your country is restored.

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      2. That must be a relief. I hope the concession is made soon. People there don’t need the sort of spiteful aggravation that is happening at the moment.

        There have been many internal border closures in Australia for good reason but this does create much suspicion about what people will be bringing with them when the state borders finally open up before Christmas.
        It is hard to know what has been lost and what plans need to be put in place to restore habitat after the bushfires, etc, because records were already so lacking before the fires, and of course development doesn’t stop. Many people who lost their houses are still homeless. Covid has diverted attention and charitable funds from bushfire recovery. My children have been hiking and I think they will allow me to use some of their photos of the bushland for my next monthly wrap up. I’ve been busying working on my mosaic so I haven’t really got out and about.

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  2. I love the photo! It is great to see the detail of the wings underneath! Loved the video…especially the babe stretching its wings, made me think of a human toddler getting ready to walk!

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      1. Dear Tracy,

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