Day 25 — Share Your World: 30 Days, 30 Songs

Dear Readers, I fear my choice of song today might be a tad insensitive.  I have just read the news headlines about the heatwave in Europe.  So please do not take my song choice personally.  It is Light My Fire by The Doors.  I chose it because I can’t get warm in my part of the world.

Any suggestions for really warm indoor and/or outdoor boots would be greatly appreciated.

The incredibly talented Sarah of Art Expedition is hosting 30 Days, 30 Songs for the month of June.  You can see her latest post here.  There are still a few days left to join in the challenge.

Kind Regards.

23 thoughts on “Climate Mitigation Song

  1. I love this song. A lot. I could not listen to the video as the uploader has not made it available in my country, but I know this song pretty well and the Doors -Ooh, they do light my fire!

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  2. I’m wearing my Ugg boots this morning. Clunky and not great on stairs, but super warm.
    Love the song; love the Doors. No probs with video. Hope you fell warm soon.

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  3. Video wouldn’t work, but that’s OK–I sang it anyhow. Funny story. Downtown is the supposed house Jim Morrison was conceived. Don’t ask… idea how this idea filtered out there. Tiny little place. I went to the estate sale. Not a darn thing there, but….I think the person selling priced it according to the Jim Morrison story. Oh, yes. Ugg boots definitely. I love mine!

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    1. Thanks Lois. Unfortunately no-one famous has lived in my house. The kids will be taking everything to the tip (landfill?). Maybe they’ll have a garage sale and get rid of all my tiles.
      I might need to go shoe shopping. 🙂


  4. LOL! Yes, it’s super hot here in Europe but since this song is so cool I don’t mind. 😉 Couldn’t play it either but that’s okay, I simply did my own version just now! 😄
    As to cold feet – I can recommend knitted and then felted slippers for indoors. I do them every winter and you can even wear them in bed if need be. 😊

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      1. I always have two hot water bottles and some in reserve, just in case one starts leaking. 😉 And I wear a beanie hat and scarf even inside! No gloves though, that wouldn’t do what with painting – lol! 😀 Keep warm, Tracy!

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  5. I played this song over and over when I was a kid – vinyl, of course. We now own many of the albums as CDs – I’ll have to grab one and relive my youthful passions.
    Cold feet – Uggs? Or someone to rub them?

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