Day 18 — Share Your Music: 30 Days, 30 Songs

Somehow I’ve managed to go to on a long and totally unexpected musical journey for this song challenge.  One thing leads to another, as they say.  Sticking with yesterday’s rock ‘n roll theme, today I thought I would go with a cover of another Johnny O’Keefe favourite.  Co-written by Johnny Greenan, Johnny O’Keefe, Dave Owens and Tony Withers, Wild One (also known as Real Wild Child), was released by O’Keefe as a single in 1958 and Australian rock and roll was born.  Wild One has been covered numerous times, including by that other wild child, Iggy Pop.


The wonderful Sarah of Art Expedition is hosting 30 Days, 30 Songs for the month of June. You can see her latest post here.  It is not too late to join in the challenge.  Casual players welcome.

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18 thoughts on “Just Outta School And Real, Real Cool

  1. I cannot write prose rapturous enough to tell you how much I love Iggy and the way he covered this song. I think my favorite line in any Iggy song, “Love? That’s like hypnotizing chickens” (“Lust for Life”) But there’s a lot of competition. I saw Iggy in a small venue in 2001. It was great. Easily my favorite (of very few) concert experiences. I even bought the T-shirt

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  2. I remember Iggy being the only person to ever fluster Molly on Countdown, he’d clearly had a shot of coke before coming onto the set. Love his version too though I have a soft spot for O’Keefe.

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