Day 9 — Share Your Music:  30 Days, 30 Songs.

There’s no harm in asking.

Sarah at Art Expedition is hosting 30 Days, 30 Songs for the month of June.  You can see her latest post here.  It is not too late to join in the challenge.  Casual players welcome.

I will return to light programming tomorrow.

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21 thoughts on “RUOK?

    1. Ha. That is highly unlikely. 🙂
      Sorry to depress you. I was thinking about your book, Savior, when I posted this. There has been a big education campaign here about depression. On the other hand, our social welfare policies still treat people with mental health issues as morally deficient and malingerers. Then there are the people who are in the midst of an existential crisis. Pills won’t fix that.
      I read that Bobby Gentry moved to LA to study philosophy. That speaks volumes IMO.

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      1. Summer is my “dark time.” My major depressive crisis happened in summer and I don’t remember a summer since I was a kid that I didn’t feel not like me in some way. My depressive crisis defined my life for the better in almost every respect, but I still feel the stigma. The “morally deficient” thing is the worst part. I just sit quietly when people go on about suicide being for losers as I think, “You have no fucking clue.” 😦

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  1. I feel bad for never having heard this song before as it seems to be an amazing piece, really, really deep in feeling and meaning… will have to listen to this a couple of more times and also read the lyrics.

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  2. I had never listened properly to the song until I heard a Sinead O’Connor cover of it in the 1990s. It really captures how easily people unwittingly diminish grief, and turn inwards to suffer alone.

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  3. Do I remember the speculation of what she’d thrown off the bridge – anything you can think of was talked about. Such suffering, perfect for teenagers and young lovers. Not sure if there’s an answer.

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  4. I have never heard of this song before either. Poignant and so sad. Well Tracy, you have done it again. Thanks for introducing me to another interesting song.

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