I recently decided that I would create a new native garden under my gum tree on the nature strip by the road, so I got to it by planting a multitude of tiny tubestock plants. Unfortunately the seedlings weren’t very easy to see and the kids passing by had a tendency to walk on them. My friends and I joked that I should install some stakes to deter the less observant. Before you all report to me to Child Services, I would like to reassure you that within moments of that thought, I began thinking of what I could put in the garden to make it more fun for the kiddies.

My son was going to throw out a couple of weird looking figurines that his grandmother had given him. Shhh, don’t tell grandma. So I rescued them and stuck them in the garden. Here’s one. I call it Gargoyle felis catus sp. I plopped it in next to a Poa sp. (an alpine grass).

I also found this neglected mosaic butterfly mosaic (not one of mine),
complete with spider egg sac. Further information on spider egg sacs can be found here.

I then found an old dragonfly mosaic (one of mine) lying around so I put it on the other side of the tree until I can organise a stand for it.

It is coming together slowly. Hopefully it will look better when the grasses get a little bigger.

I am quite enjoying this preoccupation. I hope you are keeping busy too.

Kind Regards.

34 thoughts on “Something Fun

      1. Your work is so beautiful. The little kestrel is in my room now on top of an antique Chinese armoire I got in CA a long time ago for pretty cheap. Along with the kestrel are my most precious treasures. ❤

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  1. A terrific idea. I hope the locals appreciate it. There should be more of this kind of stuff as it brightens everyone’s day.

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  2. What a lovely idea, Tracy! I am also intrigued to learn that there are actually plants that will grow beneath a Eucalyptus – here they are exotic invaders and the soil beneath them quite sterile.

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    1. Yes, plants have a hard life under many eucalypts, Dries. Our own brittle gum is no exception, so this will be an interesting experiment. Half of the garden also gets the full westerly sun and I’ve located the toughest plants on that side.


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