Every month, Su from Zimmerbitch, hosts a virtual afternoon tea. and invites readers to go along for tea, bikkies and a chat. It’s very elegant …

I was having a moment today and feeling rather anti-social but it passed (no pun intended). Canberra (Australia) has not recorded a Covid infection for over 90 days now. It seems a miracle (not literally) to me that despite open borders and escalating community transmission in the greater Sydney region to our north, Canberra citizens appear to be returning to their pre-Covid lives without a care in the world. I went to brunch with a couple of friends recently and if the tables were any closer together we would be sitting on one another’s lap. I mentioned my concern to the waitress but apparently the seating arrangement was all legit. Go figure. At least one million people worldwide have died from Covid and we are going out for coffee. Being the martyr that I am, I sat there with my mask on and had nothing to eat or drink which rather defeats the purpose of coffee dates. Kudos to my long-suffering friends for putting up with me.

However, Su’s event is a virtual afternoon tea, so risk-free. I made a GF apple and ricotta cake to take along. The ricotta was about to expire and the apples were long past their best too. The texture is pudding-like, and perhaps under-cooked even though I baked it for much longer than the recipe required. Perhaps the chefs and the cooks out there can advise me whether I need to convert American measurements to metric measurements? Normally I don’t bother, but I dunno …. it might have helped in this case. Anyway, most importantly, it is delicious. Perhaps it is the sprinkling of brown sugar on the top that makes it so yummy. Next time I would probably use less oil and sugar.

There are a number of ricotta and apple cake recipes online. Include gluten-free, apple and ricotta in your search if you are interested in the recipe.

I have a heap more to say, but it is all a bit of a whinge really … well maybe just one thing. The premier of New South Wales (a state of Australia) has fronted the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). ICAC is currently investigating a former NSW MP. It turns out the Premier was involved in a secret relationship with the same MP for a number of years when he was allegedly using his parliamentary position for personal gain. The question of the extent of his dealings and the Premier’s knowledge of the dealings will be revealed in due course. What gets me the most is that several leading male politicians have defended the NSW Premier with words to the effect that she wouldn’t be the first woman to have been taken advantage of by a duplicitous man. Excuse me! Doesn’t anyone else find this defence more than a little sexist? Gosh, I’m cranky. I must have my period.

I encourage you to check out Su’s invitation to afternoon tea through checking out her pingback in the comments below.

Take care, everyone.

Kind Regards.

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  1. As a nurse working in a COVID testing centre in Canberra I share your concerns over the growing apathy of many people right now. I almost wish we would get a few positive cases to reboot everyone’s lacksidasicality.

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    1. Hello Ian, thank you for commenting. It is nice to connect with another Canberran and thank you for your perspective, not to mention coming out of retirement to work on the front line of the pandemic management. I do hope I don’t bore you with my occasional observation about developments. I have been living with Type 1 diabetes for almost 50 years so I tend to be hyper-vigilant. I really hope we don’t stuff this up but I’m nervous about the latest easing of restrictions.
      Can I ask whether health staff are regularly tested in Canberra as a precaution? It seems to me that high risk people would be unlikely to avoid health care settings if there were routine monitoring systems across those settings.

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  2. Oh yes! I saw a cafe yesterday with bum to bum seating and was horrified.

    And hear hear on the Premier thing. I just can’t believe how many politicians (on both sides of politics) do absolutely dodgy stuff that just gets waived. I do not exempt our PM from this category. So it didn’t surprise me when he defended his favourite Premier.

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  3. I think we’re all feeling cranky and disaffected Tracy, and with good reason. Cake is our only salvation. And as we both know, appearance matters not at all if the taste is good.

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  4. Less oil and sugar? That’s no way to treat a cake, Tracy. 😉 And I think your apple and ricotta cake looks delicious! Might I ask for an extra big slice? (Imagine me making puppy eyes. 😉)
    I know I’m supposed to behave like a lady but when it comes to cake I forget all my manners. Also, as long as men don’t behave like gentlemen anymore why should I care about stuff like that? Those politicians! Saying such a thing and in public – disgusting!
    As to your miraculous 90 days free of covid – congratulations! However do you do it?! Berlin is now at the top of infection numbers in Germany (honestly I was surprised how long it took to get us to that point) and what’s happening to our next-door neighbours in France is terrifying! I’ve never been much of a fan of the winter season but this year I lack the words to describe my horror. Better stuff myself with cake!
    Take care and don’t feel odd about taking precautions- it’s them who should feel odd for not taking them!

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    1. You can have an extra big slice, Sarah, but you might regret that half way through. 🙂

      It is very fortunate that Canberra has remained Covid-free. I think it helped that we opened up very slowly. People in Canberra are only doing what is apparently allowed. Restrictions are quite minimal now, hence I’m nervous.
      Many Australian states have closed their borders so movement between states has been very limited, except for the occasional truck driver spreading the virus as they drive through, and of course, Australia’s border has largely been closed too. I am quite horrified by what is happening in your part of the world and the court’s decision to rule the nighttime curfew unlawful. Desperate times, desperate measures, etc, etc. The lovely people of Melbourne endured a curfew and exceedingly tight restrictions and it is working for them, but it has been a long and hard process, which continues. I think there is a pscychological barrier when the numbers become so immense that people lose hope and heart, and bend to what they see as the inevitable. Then of course, there is always the stupid people.

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      1. I bet that’s widely exaggerated, Tracy. 😉

        You can be so proud of how Canberrans have handled the situation so far, and I sure hope it will stay this way.
        Here I think they completely overdid it when it started, and now people are so weary of obeying the rules and being cautious that they have developed an “to hell with it all” kind of attitude. And there’s also no shortage of stupid people here – quite the contrary. 😦
        Take care!

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  5. In India doctors are calling care-a-damn attitude of people as ‘covid fatigue’! Canbera has seen 90 straight covid free days so one can understand the attitude of people, here despite rising numbers we are like… let’s get infected and over with it!! Sorry for the rant☹️

    The cake looks scrumptious! I am on the same page as you…taste over looks. 🙂

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    1. I can really understand that attitude on my worst days, Punam. Burnout is a huge issue. It has been a huge issue for me personally over the years I have been living with Type 1 diabetes and for other people struggling with chronic illness. Burnout is burnout whatever way you look at it. I know people can be supported through it. It takes compassion and a fair amount of humour. I tried to strike that balance in my next post.

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  6. I cannot remember the last time I was out to eat, Tracy, and for the very reason you mention. I don’t care if the seating is outside, give us some space! And inside seating–no, thank you. I have been a virtual recluse this year, but that’s OK. No matter what the jerk in the White House says, our numbers here in the US are outrageous.

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    1. The US’s numbers are world leading and not in a good way. When your leader supports conspiracy theories, it does not auger well for public health and must be terribly upsetting. There seems to be no end to the amount of people that guy is prepared to sacrifice. I really feel for you. Wish you were here with us.


  7. First of all the cake looks great and I imagine it tastes fab.

    I so understand your concerns; it seems too many people have impossibly short memories and worse, are incapable of imagining that what’s happening elsewhere could ever happen to them.

    I barely engage with the news these days, so hadn’t heard about the corruption scandal. Oddly, I can imagine people offering a similar defense for a man in the same situation; I suspect the innuendo would be rather more overtly sexual.

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    1. I’ve got some ricotta that needs to be eaten so I’ll try again with less of the good stuff. 🙂

      I think I must have been adopted, Su. Sometimes I feel like I am on an entirely different planet to some of them.

      I imagine the Sydney news will catch up with you sooner or later. I think it says more about politics functions then anything else.
      I hope you have a good election day. Ours was super quiet.

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      1. I think I’ve got some ricotta in the fridge too, so I may have to make one as well.

        Right now I’m feeling relieved to wake up in a country that has collectively chosen rationality (and hopefully kindness) over greed and nastiness

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  8. Cake looks yummy, I’m putting my hand up for a slice with cream please….
    It is amazing that Canberra is doing so well surrounded by NSW and Victoria. You are wise to keep up precautions. As for Gladys!!! I’m gobsmacked at the response

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    1. All yours, Pauline.
      It is amazing. Our testing criteria are very strict and testing rates low so maybe we have a false sense of security. Who knows?
      I try not to think about NSW politics but I am all for a well-funded ICAC and the establishment of a federal equivalent.

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