Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

Goodness, I almost forgot about Friday song day this week. Is it possible that I haven’t thought about anything this week? I shy away from thoughts of the future these days. What does that make me? Sensible? Foolish? Scared? I can’t control my future but I can vote for the candidate or party that I want to represent me over the next three years.

Virginia Woolf wrote in Mrs Dalloway, “It might be possible that the world itself is without meaning.” Others have argued that we give the world meaning through our actions.

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Okay, I have been thinking about more than the big one. I’ve been wondering why the Australian PM thinks that an independent integrity and corruption commission duly established through an Act of the Australian parliament would constitute a public autocracy? How can it be a public autocracy if a democratically elected parliament sets the scope and rules of said commission’s operation? I guess it could be if it was merely rubber stamped by a parliament dominated by one party. There’s that. I guess it also says a lot about what a government stands for and against when it doesn’t even allow a federal integrity bill to be considered and debated in parliament. I hope that an integrity commission is a high priority for the next government. Perhaps it is precisely what we need to keep the bastards honest.

Today, I’ve chosen Philip Glass’ Metamorphosis Two for my Friday song day. Enjoy.

Aussies, early voting opens on Monday, 9 May 2022 at designated pre-poll centres. Check out the Australian Electoral Commission’s website for details (www.aec.gov.au). Alternatively, if you are keen for a democracy sausage, polling day is Saturday, 21 May. Be there and have your say on who will be elected.

Take care, everyone.

Kind Regards.

21 thoughts on “It Is Our Turn Now

  1. Tracy, the world is in trouble. Here, Roe vs Wade is about to be overturned, meaning women are losing rights. Are we going backwards? Your song selections is beautiful. A good way to start the morning. Good luck with your elections.

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    1. I thought Margaret Atwood summed up the supreme court action very well. Slavery. I wonder if this is the path that we are all now on. Who needs conspiracy theories, Anne. This world is bad enough. I apologise if you were hoping for something a little more hopeful.


  2. You have selected such a beautiful piece, Tracy. Anne is right. The world is in serious trouble. There seems not to be a way to have a decent, intelligent conversation about our differences, either. What a mess.

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  3. Oh dear. I’m hoping that after May 21, things change for the better. I’m full of apprehension though, and have not been watching MMS, finding it all almost unbearable with sound bites, gotcha moments, unruly journalists etc. The resistance to an ICAC is almost beyond comprehension.

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      1. Both Kafka and Orwell both knew how the machines of power and govt work because much of what they wrote about seems to be coming true.

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  4. Has technology made us all dumb? I cannot understand the choices people are making the world over. Our only power is the vote we have and it is either grossly underestimated or misunderstood. Rant over.

    I loved the song and the video, Tracy.

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  5. I cannot think about world news most of the time … it just makes me so sad. So you are doing so much better than I. I love that you choose to propagate beauty & thoughtfulness in your posts through sadness, ill health and a traumatic world.

    Thank you for your song & image of hope this week.

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