Canberra (Australia) – If I poke December, it dissolves like it never was. If I poke December, it stammers and clamours. It beckons and repels. It comes and it goes. Certain and uncertain. Before reaching, a resolution?

Branches down and clouds of insects rise from the soup.

Lying low. Such comfort from that phrase. I might use it in a word prompt!

Monkey waits. At least he is quiet about it.

A first time for everything. Feijoa (Acca sellowiana) blooms – the colours of Christmas. It is amazing what rain can accomplish.

Party, party, party.

Brace yourself.

Wounds heal, I hope.

Dear readers, I hope you were able to spend a few moments in the great outdoors or with your favourite people during December. As you may know, the eastern states of Australia are now living with Covid and it has been quite the upheaval as the number of cases exploded, as they have in many other countries due to Omicron. There are few restrictions and our testing and isolation regime has been radically pruned. In the Untidy household, we had a very low key Christmas. My True Love was required to stay home and monitor for Covid systems following exposure to a Covid-positive case in the office. This meant that we had to isolate for a few days, including Christmas day. All is well now.

If you happen to be one of the very few Canberrans who have remained in the city during this holiday season, or are a visitor to this region, do check out the bank of kangaroo paw flowering so spectacularly now in the Rock Garden at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. You may come across Tripod, the three-legged bearded dragon. You might even come across a baby bearded dragon.

This is my response to “The Changing Seasons” photo challenge, jointly hosted by Ju-Lyn (Touring My Backyard) and Brian (Bushboys World).

Caring for our ecosystems will sustain us in the future, so take care, everyone. Wishing you all the best for 2022.

Kind Regards.

Information on the photos:
The photo of the eastern spinebill in the kangaroo paw and the baby bearded dragon were taken by my True Love. I snapped the rest.

37 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – December 2021

    1. Maybe losing a leg is not a big deal if you’re a lizard? Lamont and Dude would have an opinion about this. I think I’ll come back as a dragon.
      No sign of the card yet, Martha. I think it has gone walkabout.
      Unfortunately, surreal is feeling very real. 😦

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  1. Feijoa flowers and kangaroo paws are real mood boosters. Nice afternoon here today too, and I’m looking forward to 2022! I hope this year is kind to you and your family, take care xx

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      1. Up in the North Island, and presumably the top end of the South Island they fruit prolifically. Our shorter season can make it a bit difficult down here. They like a good amount of water too which might be an issue for you? Or do you think it’s a pollination problem? I’ve always heard birds pollinate them. Oh.. and some of them require another variety of feijoa nearby for pollination. That’s another thing.

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  2. Love all the photos and the captions to go with them Tracy. Pleased the covid scare was just that and you are all well now. Feijoas are one of my favourites. I had a hedge of them in NZ, I never see them over here. What a character Tripod looks, a real survivor. Our CHO tells us we are all going to get covid in the next few months. What an unsettling thought to come into the new year with. But No worries Tracy we can just keep on keeping on. Best wishes to you and your family.

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    1. We had funny weather in December, Heather, from a few stinking hot, humid days through to icy blasts. My garden has totally freaked out. The market gardeners in the region have been having a terrible time.
      That’s my favourite magpie. The currawongs have been bullying and eating all and sundry so Mr Magpie watches his back.

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  3. Happy New Year Tracy. I’m glad you found yourself outdoors this month in spite of the continued outbreaks. The pictures, as always, are stunning. I look forward to following your adventures in 2022 and hope we all find many moments of joy moving forward.

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  4. I’m sorry to hear the numbers are rising in Australia as well…they’re surging here for sure. I think we have no choice but to ride it out. Meanwhile, I avoid large crowds and mask in public. This, too, shall pass! Happy New Year, Tracy! Praying for a better 2022!

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    1. Happy new year, Ann. I agree. We have no choice at all. I normally do as you say, except today when we had a huge storm. We were all a bit shell-shocked and there wasn’t a mask in sight as we consoled one another.
      It hasn’t been a terrific start to the year here so I guess there is the potential it could get better. It will definitely have good moments.

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  5. The poet in you has come out to play! Your images and witty/poetic expressions entertain, touch my heart, bring a sigh, a smile, a chuckle.

    I am so glad to hear you & True Love are fine – I reckon living with the inconveniences of this Craziness will continue to be a thing for a long time to come. Hang in there! Stay safe & sane!

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    1. Ju-Lyn, thank you so much. We had quite a few days hanging around home due to waiting for test results so I had time to be a little creative with the writing. Plus I decided since I hadn’t finished the mosaic, I would try to entertain in another way. Glad you liked it.
      We are definitely hanging in there at the moment. I hope your January is productive too. Stay well.

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