Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

Clyde, the evil cat, is asleep on the job, the rodent hunting job that is. He much prefers prey of the feathered variety. I can’t help losing my cool because my neighbour’s open compost pile next to our shared back fence, is a cafe for rodents. Consequently, our life has been hell. This is because our dogs are hunting dogs. They are rodent hunting dogs. They are completely obsessed with catching rodents, and being Finnish spitz, they are not quiet about it. I sometimes hear a scittering when I am in my outdoor art studio and I see occasional rodent excrement resting delicately on my tile stash. Anyway, my dog, Fynn, decided he could also hear and smell the little beasties in my studio.

My True Love (TL) eventually investigated and much to his surprise found a rodent in an upside down self-watering pot. Crafty bugger, the rodent, not my TL. Anyway, the rat had taken up residence in the small, dry water well of the pot. Luxury accommodation. I was there to witness the mayhem at its discovery. I might have even contributed to some of the mayhem. My TL tried to contain the beastie in the pot but there was nothing on hand to trap it and I was frozen in fright so I was no help. Anyway, a rat the size of small Toyota sailed clear over the rim of the pot, whereupon I found my voice once again. Unfortunately, Fynnie dog can’t unsee what he saw. He will never forget the day he saw that rat run under my tile shelves. He will tell us about it. Every. Single. Day.

I reckon we need a song about an evil cat, a lazy cat. This cat’s name was Bill. Let’s listen to Ami Williamson sing Bill’s song. It is the stuff of cat lore. I bet Bill wished he had kept his legs crossed and his mouth shut.

Stay calm and safe, everyone.

Kind Regards.

RDP Akimbo

28 thoughts on “Poor Bill

  1. I’ve had my share of rodents…very unpleasant and always involves shrieking and as you say mayhem. You may want to slip some flyers under your neighbours door on proper composting practices. When done correctly, they shouldn’t attract the rodents. And Clyde needs a talking to.

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    1. I’m not big on conflict, Heather. We will soon have roadside bins for compostables. The sooner, the better imo.
      I save the hose for Clyde if I see him on my side of the fence.
      It is going to be another huge year for rodents here as sodden grain is being left in the paddocks in our ag regions. I guess you must have years like that too.


      1. Roadside bins will take care of the problem! The year we moved to SC there was a major rat problem…made national news!. The city worker started burning at the dump from the center…sent all the rats out into the community. It was so bad you had to be careful when you entered and left your home as they could scurry in! Fortunately, we had a cat at that time and his mere presence seemed to keep our yard rat free zone, unlike your neighbour Mr. Clyde.

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  2. Poor Bill. My cats are too old to catch anything – they just sit watching the birds sometimes just metres from them 🙂 I’m petrified of mice and I remember years ago when one of my cats brought a small inside to play with and the poor bugger climbed up my lounge curtains! I had to get my husband to catch it.

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  3. I don’t know about you we are seeing more rats out in the open than ever before, shuddering as I write this. Our previous temporary abode there was one, huge and the owner had a small trap. No words! Thankfully, we are now at the Cancer Society Lodge a km down the road on the third floor and I’m hoping that any rodent around this block has vertigo. We need more cats.

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    1. We probably have more rats than normal because it is so wet. I am not used to gardening in the rain so there is no food for them in the garden. They are doing a good job on the snails which is one consolation .
      Enjoy your 3rd floor rodent-free accommodation, Suzanne.


  4. I love almost all animals, but I admit that rats creep me out. Probably because when I was young and kept my horse at the local stable, I sometimes had to do battle with them to get to my horse’s feed. The owner of the stable refused to admit there were rats living there, but I saw evidence of them daily…and rarely entered the stable without a handful of rocks to throw at them to fend them off!

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  5. Oh my goodness, what a story! I remember when we first moved to the desert and my cat (very gently) caught a lizard in our apartment. Well, she let it go and it went under the couch (or was it into a shoe?). We rescued the lizard and set him free, but you know that cat went back looking and looking and looking for her lost lizard! 🤣🤣 She just knew it was still under there somewhere!

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  6. I feel you, Tracy! I’ve got a very clever mouse that took up lodging a few weeks ago here and it just won’t go into one of my many traps!! I’ve tried out all kinds of them, hundreds of different baits – nothing! I need a cat! Or a Finnish spitz. 😉 Wish you good luck and that the compost bins will come sooner than later!

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