Canberra (Australia) – Silver, Silver, Silver! It’s been another chilly month of rain and silver hues. Dreadful weather for photography really.

One bracing morning, the Crested Pigeons were hunkered down in patches of weak sunlight. Everything about the photographic conditions was terrible, but you will get the general idea.

It some parts of Canberra, it snowed for about 10 minutes. I arrived at the supermarket in miserable rain, but exited to beautiful snowflakes. The snowflakes were so soft on my face that I could almost imagine why people like snow so much.

Normally we only see snow on the surrounding hills. Nothing to boast about really. My goodness, it was cold in the valley when the wind blew off those hills.

A brisk breeze blew at the lake too. I froze. Colours failed to pop.

Not everyone was deterred.

Just when I thought I would be able to take a few short cuts, the rain once again rendered the creeks impassable to foot traffic.

Woodland birds like the Striated(?) thornbill, Eastern yellow robin, Speckled warbler and the Grey currawong were quick to move on. [Bird photos courtesy of my True Love.]

The last few days of July brought sporadic sun and signs of life. About 20 grass parrots huddled together on the power lines behind my house. I lined them up for a shot in the fading light but it was too exciting for the hounds and I lost it.

I will finish with my last shot on my camera card for July.

Now I could do with a few sunny days to warm up. More rain is expected but is forecast to clear by mid-week. Temps may even get up to the mid teens (celcius) next week.

Canberra has been fortunate not to have had any Covid infections arrive from Sydney (3 hours drive to our north) this month. With parliament sitting in Canberra next week and ongoing flows of essential supplies into the region, many Canberrans and local businesses do not expect that happy situation to last.

This is my response to “The Changing Seasons” photo challenge, which is currently being hosted by the lovely Ju-Lyn (Touring My Backyard) and Brian (Bushboys World). Ju-Lyn and Brian are taking it in turns to host this challenge. Brian is Mr July. Brian is also another Aussie from a warmer part of the country. Check out his lovely post to see how you can participate in the challenge. If you are disappointed that I didn’t include a song, I suggest you search for Slim Dusty, When The Rain Tumbles Down in July.

That’s it for me this month. I hope that wherever you are, the world is treating you kindly.

Stay safe, everyone.

Kind Regards.

43 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons – July 2021

  1. Lovely photos and commentary to go along with them. I’m back home and it is in the thirties here…hot and dry…If I could I’d send a little of the heat your way and take some rain.

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  2. It is monsoon here but the rains arrived late. Now they are making up for the delay with daily downpours. But rains in the winters can be quite the dampener.
    Love the birds pics and that of the hills.

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    1. Thanks, Punam. I quite like the rain, even in Winter, but Canberra is known for its beautiful, crisp winter days but the grey has settled over us.
      It is good to hear that your monsoon rains have finally arrived. Does that mean you are all steaming now? For personal comfort, I much prefer dry heat. I would never live in Brisbane or Darwin for that reason. It is like breathing under water.

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      1. You are welcome, Tracy. Crisp winters sound good.
        I love the rains.
        Usually Delhi steams during the monsoon as we get very few showers which increase the humidity. But this year, though the rains were late, we have had heavy showers or entire day drizzling thus the humidity has not been high. But August and September will be terrible. 😓

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    1. I saw the news Pauline. The Queensland hotels seem particularly atrocious at containing infection. Are all the ones with good ventilation given to sporting teams?
      Be careful when you go out, Pauline. My brother and his partner who live in your general area, don’t intend to have the Pfizer vaccine! They have no health issues that would cause them to hesitate. I feel for anyone caught up in the border issues there but with gits like him wanting to cross the border every day ….
      We have them here too, of course.
      Take care, Pauline, and enjoy that beautiful sunshine.

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      1. I am really annoyed about those football brutes getting all the attention, and best conditions, then abusing it… We certainly don’t plan to be going out for a while (I have plenty of loo rolls….) Did you see the mayhem at the supermarkets yesterday. Crazy, because they won’t be shutting… Hope your weather improves soon Tracy.

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  3. Thanks Tracy for the three-in-one post. Reading made me feel a bit chilly and remembering cold days in Canberra. MTL’s bird photos are great. A wonderful but cold Changing Seasons. Love the Tumble prompt song link and a gum tree Last on Card with a spectacular view.
    Thanks for joining in all three of my prompts 🙂 🙂

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  4. Definitely not the best photography weather. We’re on our third wet week in a row and by that I mean it has rained every day. Sometimes intermittent showers and sometimes continuously all day and night. At least the tanks should be filling. Your bird photos are lovely though. No Covid in Tassie either, touch wood.

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  5. I don’t envy you the cold, Tracy – and I don’t have to since it’s going to be cold here rather sooner than later. 😉 I think your shot with the grass parrots is actually great as it is! All in flight mode. 😉 Love the octopus mural! Btw – how’s your mosaic coming along? 😉 Going to check in on your other posts soon, maybe I’ll get lucky and find a picture of it there? 😀 😉 Hope you’ll stay Covid free in your area, we’re heading into our 4th wave. 😦

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    1. Hello, Sarah! I have been thinking about you. I hope you are going well?
      No advances on my mosaic. Firstly, it is too cold for the glue, and secondly back, neck, elbow issues. Could be a return of my fibromyalgia, or arthritis, or overuse injury. In other words, I haven’t got a clue what’s going on. 😟 I’m getting back into .my walking. Aparr from that, all is well, Sarah.

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      1. Hi Tracy! All’s well here, just very busy with my studies. 😉 Wish I could clone myself and then ask the clone to do all the work so I can spend time with my friends on WP 😉
        So, so sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. 😦 That just sucks. Hope you’ll find out what it is so that you can find meds that can help. Would blood analysis help?
        Stay warm and comfy! Take care! x

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      2. You take care too, Sarah. One can only do so much.
        I am rather sick of tests, Sarah. I feel like a hypochondriac. I am working on my fitness. Only walking but I want to get some distance up. Also, when I’m walking, I’m not eating chocolate so win-win. 😄

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  6. I’ve only experienced snowflakes tickling my face as they fall once in London …. it was a rather eye-widening few minutes!

    I love your True Love’s bird captures – they are so adorable. I guess they look extra puffed up because of the cold.

    Be safe and well, Tracy!

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  7. Tracy, I liked the image of the fluttering birds near the power lines. July was certainly a big weather month here in NZ though not in our area, more down South with major flooding. Snow is more pleasant when the sun is shinning!

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