Photos and a poem.

My World

My world is messy, complicated and dark.
I seek the shadows. The dark is where I think, rest and play.
The dark is music and art. It gives depth to light.
The sun is now, but darkness is tomorrow.
The sun is here, but darkness looks beyond.
Day is youthful bravado, night is as old as time.

That’s what I think anyway. Sleep on it.

Kind Regards.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – A Glimpse Into My World
Ragtag Daily Prompt – Art

53 thoughts on “My World

    1. I can understand that, Dries. There would be many countries like yours where the gap between rich and poor is substantial and detrimental to social cohesion and public safety. Even In the lucky country, as Australia likes to be known, wealth-generating policies for the lucky few are resulting in a widening income gap.

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  1. The contrast between light and dark , day and night was never better, such is the power of your words. Your photos too, especially the close up of the flowers captured their essence in the best possible way. An interesting take on this week’s challenge . Superb!

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    1. Sheetal, you are so kind and generous with your praise. Thank you. Thank you too for hosting the Lens Artists challenge this week. It had me really thinking about how I wanted to reflect my world, particularly as many know me for my bird photography, but that is only a small part of me.

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  2. Wow Tracy, deep and meaningful words and superb photos, especially the flower on the black background with the light catching the raindrops. I think signifying the light breaking into the darkness giving us hope for the day ahead

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  3. Despite writing only poetry, I have rarely written something as deep. Since it’s early afternoon, I’ll ponder on it for the rest of the day. All my ideas come in the stillness and obscurity of night. The photos are, as someone above said, very elegant. ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Punam. I didn’t think the poem was deep at the time I was writing it. More honest rather than deep, but people seem to like it which is a confidence booster. Thank you too for the compliment on the photos. Can you believe I took all of those? Lol.
      PS. You are an inspiration to me.

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      1. I totally get what you mean. It is definitely a morale booster when people find meaning in our words. Honesty always connects.
        Yes, your photography in this post is on par with TL’s. I am sure he is proud of it.
        You are always welcome. 🙂
        PS. That really made my day. Thank you.

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  4. Just yesterday I blogged about darkness and reflection. In my opinion, the shadow is as important as the light. Beautiful poem, I really liked your post.


  5. Good to read.

    I try to live my life Mindfully each day and not concern myself with the past or worry about the future. But health issues always intrude these days and as you know last year’s lockdowns were difficult in Melbourne.

    We are so lucky to live in Australia where COVID has had minimal impact, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking about overseas friends and fellow bloggers.

    May the end of 2021 (after most of the world is vaccinated) arrive with enthusiasm and comfort for the millions around the world who have been affected and any other folk with their own personal health challenges.

    I know it has become a ‘catchword or phrase’ but the people around the world should remember they are never alone in their suffering and heartache. We are all one and interconnected in life.

    I like to think of Nature and the changing of the seasons as a reminder that life goes on.


    1. Well said, Vicki.
      It has been so devastating in other countries that’s for sure. I think we tend to be quite dismissive of our experience here in comparison, and yet our case fatality rate is 3.1% or higher than that of the UK and the US. I hope everyone who is able takes advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated.
      I hope you are recovering well from your surgery.

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  6. This is so beautiful and get me to think a little deeper. “The dark is music and art. It gives depth to light.” I love this line especially. Thank you for sharing, Tracy.

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