Welcome to my regular Friday song/tune day, ladies and gentlemen, where I pick a piece of music that reflects my mood or the times, to share with you.

My brain is working overtime, but still I am so confused. I’ve got more questions than answers.

Here are some questions for the Aussies out there. Who is too embarrassed to wear a face mask to prevent the spread of infection? If you are too embarrassed, then why? Who is too embarrassed to get tested for Covid-19 if you’ve got a “sniffle”. If you are embarrassed, why?

One of my peccadilloes is silly beanies/hats. I have a small collection of them and like to wear one occasionally as a reminder not to take myself too seriously. Like is probably an over-statement. It embarrasses the heck out of me, but I still do it. My friends are horrified too when I front up to our brunch dates wearing one. Tell me, Aussies, what’s more embarrassing, wearing a silly beanie or wearing a protective face mask in public and why?

The pharmacist was so grateful that I wore my mask the other day because she told me that she is constantly confronted by maskless people who fail to keep an appropriate distance from her. The young vet nurse was also very appreciative of my mask-wearing and attempt to keep a safe distance. She has been shopping for her parents and she wants to keep them safe while continuing to work to keep our pets healthy.

Meanwhile, police in the Australian Capital Territory have appealed to people in quarantine not to open their doors in the nude when they drop by to check that those required to be at home in quarantine are actually at home. I imagine the police would appreciate it if those they are checking on could leave their face masks on too.

Sing it with me, people. Feel free to dance too in the privacy of your own homes. We can be respectful about this.

Kind Regards.

51 thoughts on “You Can Leave Your Mask On

  1. I must admit when I read your post title, I imagined the final scene from The Full Minty with the fellas all wearing surgical masks. To remove or not to remove? Will this be a new measure of intimacy?
    Seriously (but without having had to mask up) I imagine they are really uncomfortable. So is being sick. Being intubated is probably very uncomfortable. But I guess the real leap of imagination is in understanding how uncomfortable itโ€™s possible to feel if you infect/harm/kill someone else. โ˜น๏ธ

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    1. I can’t get that image out of my head now, Su. They did have nice tushes, didn’t they? I understand they worked out for the film. I guess that sort of intimacy is being played out across the globe. I’m sure someone is doing social research on this at this very moment.
      I think they are uncomfortable to wear, but when we had to put up with that bushfire smoke, I preferred the mask to the smoke so I guess you can get used to them. I heard that people are conscious for the intubation. That can’t be true, can it? That would be another incentive for wearing one, apart from the ultimate reason, saving lives, including possibly one’s own. I imagine there are many health care professionals and those that have a lot of contact with the public who would be masking up to reduce the risk of passing the virus on to their families.

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  2. I do like your musical selection very much. My suggest for a listen is a new cover of Bowieโ€™s โ€œSpace oddity.โ€ bcnenglishchoir space oddity YouTube. This choir singS so beautifully with audience participation. New header what is the lambโ€™s name?

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    1. Thank you, Sid.
      The BC choir singalong video is fabulous. They look like they had so much fun. The video has had 2m views! Awesome. Nothing beats a good singalong.
      The lamb beanie is called Lammie. I’m afraid to say a tragedy befell it recently. I carelessly left the door of my room open and my dog, Fynnie, slaughtered it. It was very distressing for me and Lammie. Fynnie was rather pleased with his work though.


      1. I have spent some time watching various performances by the BCN choir. They do some flash mobs that are fun. Thank you for your kind comments Tracy.
        On the matter of mask wearing some folks here have fake identification cards falsely exempting them from mask wearing. I am dumbfounded by this perfidy. Gobsmacking.

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    1. Yes, you did read that correctly, Liz. We both must have had a sheltered upbringing because I find it rather astonishing too. There was some speculation that the original quarantine breach that led to this disaster might have been caused by one such dangerous liaison, hence my smutty post last week. However, there are many rumours these days, most of which turn out not to be true. An independent judicial inquiry into all the issues around the quarantine breach has just commenced that hopefully should some light on events.

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  3. I admit I haven’ t been wearing one but in my defence for the three months we were in lockdown I did not leave the house except to walk the dog or get my mail. The neighbourhood was deserted and people would cross the street to avoid another walker.
    If I lived in the city or suburbs I would certainly wear a mask. If I’d had to go on the bus during lockdown I would have worn one. I don’t like the idea, not embarrassment but I imagine them to be a nuisance, however, I would do it.

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    1. I don’t think it is necessary to wear one when you are keeping to yourself. I wore one when we had all that smoke from the bushfires. You get used to it. Knowing that you are protecting other people is a big incentive to wear one, or should be. I’m hoping that most people will wear one now that the official advice is more definitive.

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  4. As the US hits 3.5 million cases of COVID, it’s rather remarkable how many folks protest their freedom to not wear one. I understand they are uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and downright strange to look out into a sea of only eyes, but if it helps? I don’t see why the short-term discomfort outweighs the truly unknown long-term effects. [I’m re-reading this to see if I’m making sense.]

    Actually had one of those FB debates over this topic months ago. (And I didn’t think I was going to get any contradictory remarks, as my intent was to get my students to take it seriously.) Work with a Brit who refuses to wear it at school even though we are supposed to. He said, “not going to play this game anymore”. I think the idea is for some that “they” are making us do this, and I can see through the BS – kind of thing.

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  5. If only people could be selfish this one time…saving their own life…if they are not bothered about others! Here because of our huge population, going out without masks is akin to harakiri!!
    Love the song, Tracy. They did have nice tushes! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  6. I thought people not wearing masks was limited to us ignorant Americans…it would appears this is global stupidity. I usually can see both sides of an argument even if I don’t agree with the other side, this one, however, completely escapes me.

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    1. Our government has been recommending them up until this point. Hopefully the mask wearing will pick up quickly. Still based on the number of people happy not to practise social distancing, there are bound to be many mask recalcitrants. For social distancing, we were told we need 80% compliance to make a difference. Perhaps there is a similar KPI for mask wearing?


  7. Those poor police officers! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’ve got neighbours who love running around naked – sometimes they forget to draw the curtains! ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Today – after weeks and months of watching people not wearing their masks on the underground- I kind of snapped and asked a pair of idiots why they didn’t wear theirs? Guess the answer! ‘Oh, I forgot!’ Yeah, sure. ๐Ÿ˜ 

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