It’s that time again โ€” time for Su’s afternoon tea. Once a month, Su of Zimmerbitch hosts afternoon tea in the blogosphere and we are all invited. You can bring something to share or just go along for a chat. I’m just going to finish a load of washing (yes, exciting times here) and then I’m going to pop on over. Hope I see you there.

Today it is one of those perfect winter days in Canberra. It got down to 4oc overnight and is now a calm and sunny 13oc degrees. I’ve got my walking shoes on so I might try to fit in a walk as well before I head over to Su’s.

My True Love (TL) made banana cake for afternoon tea. The family approved. They took their cut. I can’t decide whether it is the gluten or residual anxiety causing the lump in my throat and tightness in my chest. Anyway I notice it less (the lumpiness) when I stay off the wheat. So of course, I had to make a cake too. I made a Rosemary Stanton banana bread, only with pumpkin and choc chips instead of banana. Rosemary Stanton is a well-known Australian dietician. Anyway, the choc dips didn’t improve the pumpkin loaf. Lashings of butter did though. I know. Cows breathe and that increases carbon emissions and the butter increases my waistline. Or maybe the jellybeans are the waistline culprit … more on that later. Anyway, anyway, I have to give up butter and flour (again). I digress. I’ll save you the rather sad pumpkin bread photo.

My TL was once a pottery student. So he cooks. Haha. I amuse myself. This (the pottery-making, not the joke) was, of course, of some amusement to my sister’s ex. The pig hunter one, not the other …. nah, better not go there. Anyway, so we quite like our pottery. We have a small collection gathering dust. My bad. So where was I? Oh yeah, afternoon tea. So I thought I would pull out one of my favourite (of many) pottery mugs. See below. Cute, ‘ey? My TL didn’t make it. This mug is the creation of ceramic artist, Miki Oka. Miki is interested in aboriginal art and was artist-in-residence at Charles Darwin University in 2012. You can see that influence in her pottery artwork. Miki also spent time in Canberra, which is how we happen to have a couple of her mugs.

Cup made by ceramic artist, Miki Oka (2012)

Anyway, I had better get a move on. I’ll be late (again). I did go for that walk. I had to eat jelly beans because I went hypo (again). I had to eat more jelly beans because they weren’t working fast enough (again). They didn’t really work until I got back home. Now my BGL has gone too high (again), so I don’t really feel like eating. But I can still talk.

See you at Su’s.

Kind Regards.

Tracy is a Type 1 diabetic, or person with Type 1 diabetes if you want to be politically correct, of nearly 50 years. A “hypo” is a below normal blood-glucose episode. If you are what you eat, Tracy would be a jelly bean.

30 thoughts on “More Tea? Another coffee?

  1. I fell instantly in love with that beautiful mug by Miki Oka!!! (Pottery addict myself I know what I’m talking about. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And how awesome that your TL also did some pottery!) The banana cake looks so yummy, mind if I have a slice (or two? I know I’m greedy – lol!)?

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  2. I remember those glorious Canberra winter days Tracy perfect for walking. Your TL is a man of many talents, Iโ€™d like a slice of his cake, if thereโ€™s any left…

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  3. That mug is beautiful. There is a kiln opening up north of us every year. I have so many beautiful bowls and mugs.โ€ฆ.I love them. If you are what you eat, I’d either be a (huge) loaf of sourdough or a (huge) wedge of cheese. Your writing is hilarious, Tracy. I hope you are well, but you so make me laugh. Take care.

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  4. I hope you are feeling better Tracy. It is lovely to have your company (and banana cake). The mug is beautiful and you have reminded me that I have a couple of cups bought from a local potter that I hardly ever use. It must be time to remedy that.

    Like Lois, if I’m what I eat it would be sourdough and cheese — together.

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  5. I am a lover of nearly every kind of food, though coffee with a non-dairy slice would keep me more than happy. I like your mugs Tracey and I do enjoy Aboriginal Art and the stories behind it.


  6. I love the Miko Oka mug! In addition to the appealing design, it looks like it would have a thick and sturdy feel in one’s hand. If memory serves, I once tried adding chocolate chips to pumpkin bread, and it did not end well.

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    1. I definitely won’t be making the pumpkin and choc chip bread again, Liz. I’ll have to pull out some of my low carb recipes for next time. They tend to sustain me for a bit longer.
      It is a very sturdy cup, Liz.


  7. Did somebody say cheese? I fantasise about cheese scones. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ It must be miserable to have to watch/control what you eat! I have a mild thing going on with the milk here but I could always eat anything… no regrets (but not banana bread ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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