Hello Everyone, my last post was a bit serious, so it is time for something more engaging – Nathan Finger’s Bird Of The Week. My True Love normally gets a weekly email from Nathan. He has been sharing it with me as he has been working from home. I’ve discovered that all the info in the email is also included on Nathan’s blog. Nathan’s post this week is on wrens from across the world. It’s beaut. Entertaining and informative. Check it out.

Bird of the Week

Could this be the last week of lockdown? Who can say? Either way, while we keep holding down the lock your double weekly dose of birdie thoughts and feelings keeps circling like a Vulture in an updraft. 

Anyway, readers who have been with me for a while may remember the numerous Wrens we’ve featured. There was Lyall’s Wren, the Superb Fairywren, the Malle Emu-wren and the Musician Wren.

Now, looking at these birds you might think, hmm they don’t seem to have a lot in common. And you would be right. So what even is a Wren? Well, for this week’s bonus bird, I’m here to help you unravel that very term. I know, you’ve all been up nights stressing about it.

The word “wren” is rather fiendish. First, of those four birds, an ornithologist would only consider the Musician Wren to be a “True Wren”. There are…

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27 thoughts on “Bird 132 – Wren-like Rushbird

  1. That final bird is very freaky looking. Until I enlarged it, he seemed to have a human face and I could have had nightmares about that. Thank you, Tracy! I love the line, “…birdie thoughts and feelings keeps circling like a Vulture in an updraft.” Well, Yeah. 🙂


      1. Tracy, I think over a period of time we have come to know each other fairly well. Short, cryptic replies, just likes or no likes…it is enough for me to know that you have read what I l have written.
        These are extraordinary times, let’s not be hard upon ourselves.
        I am so glad you thought about me. After reading Nathan’s post I checked to find where this bird can be seen in India.
        I did not reply to your earlier comment because I have been very busy the past two days(don’t ask me what I accomplished!🙄)
        Take care of your sugar levels and think of me when you go for a walk. ❤️


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