I feel rather odd ignoring the big issues.  It seems wrong to post pretty pictures when really all I want to say is that I hope you’re okay.   Nevertheless, there is a challenge on and finally I have some of my own photos to share with you.

I love the end of the day, especially by our local lake.  Making it through another day is an achievement before night carries us away.  Take care, readers.  We make this rocky journey together.

manlakegswansmoorhenred lake

Plus a Friday song.

Kind Regards.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge — Reflections
LPM — Photo Adventure — Sunrise/Sunset
Ragtag Daily Prompt — Green

53 thoughts on “Journeyman

  1. Beautiful photos, Tracy – especially that first one. It’s hard to stay cheerful with so much unsettling stuff going on. But keeping spirits up is absolutely the best thing for the immune system. And it helps others too 🙂 🙂

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  2. Beautiful captures of the sunset and reflections, Tracy. We can’t take it for granted of moments and days given to us. Some days are easier than the others yet we all just take it one day at a time. Thank you for your photos and thoughts!


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