Ladies and gentlemen, our little canary friend, Harry, has not been well of late and a few days ago, he took a turn for the worse.  We took him to the avian vet and were convinced by the vet that it was time.  We knew that of course, but we just didn’t want to admit it to ourselves.  I could tell you his life story, or write a little poem like I did when Churchill canary died, but that doesn’t seem quite right for our Harry.   Suffice to say, for 13 years Harry was well loved.

Harry (September 2019)

We only have one canary left now — Pan of the wild song.  We don’t know how he will go being an only canary.  He adored Harry.  We all did.

So shall we have Harry’s song this week?

For the joy that was Harry.

Kind Regards.

42 thoughts on “The One We Truly Adore

  1. Tracy, my heart goes out to you. I still remember my yellow canary whom we had to give away when we moved thousands of miles. He wouldn’t have survived the trip but brought his song to his new family. May you cherish the life you shared with Harry and Churchill, and may Pan find his voice anew.

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    1. I can understand how you must have felt to leave your little bird behind, Sharon. They become such an integral part of the family with their sunny personalities. Travel and our old age are reasons why we will not be getting anymore canaries. This also brings sadness. I am sure Pan will soon be fed up with us checking up on him, although he is enjoying his egg and biscuit comfort food. It must be the chocolate equivalent for birds.


  2. I’m sorry to hear of the loss of Harry. I had canaries years ago and I used to love to hear the singing I am sure that Harry is singing his heart out on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.


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