Too many posts from me lately, ladies and gentlemen.  Not sorry.  Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is masterpiece.  I thought I would join in, because I can.  I’ve written some stories and very bad poetry in the past, and dabbled in mosaics.  Not every piece has to be a masterpiece.  In fact, most of my written pieces are full of grammatical and spelling errors, but you probably already know that. The moral of this story is go where your heart takes you (including to Yass to buy a raffle ticket).  Take that logic!

Here’s my Finnish Lapponian Dog mosaic of which I’m very proud.  That’s allowed, isn’t it?  Months of work were involved so it was very satisfying when I finally got the last tile stuck down and the grouting (approx 5 different colours) finished.

Life In The Wild (2017), Tile on board.

And for a bit of cross-promotion, see my post How I Found My Inner Visual Artist.  It was the second post I did after I started the blog and I really had no idea what I was going to do with this strange blog thing.

I haven’t done any mosaicing for months.  The smoke and heat here in the Canberra region have not been conducive.  This week looks like it could be a good mosaicing week if the smoke blows in the other direction.  The last mosaic I completed was in November last year.  It was my mountain pygmy possum.


My mountain pygmy possum is currently being raffled by my friends at Trader & Co, which is a cafe in Yass, Australia (another blatant promotion for Yass and my friend’s cafe but it is for a good cause).  Yes, poor poss lives (still?) in the fire-affected areas.  The raffle will be drawn next Saturday, 8 February.  Few of my readers live in the Canberra/Yass region of Australia, but I know that some of you have friends that do.  Small world.  Maybe you could mention the raffle to them?  They could go for a coffee there and buy a raffle ticket ($5 each).  Our goal is to raise $500 for Bush Heritage Australia (an organisation which purchases properties for wildlife conservation).  Many of their properties have also been hit by bushfires in the 2019/2020 summer.

Talk soon.  Mosaicing to be done and coffee to be drunk.

Kind Regards.


33 thoughts on “Just A Dabbler (And I Don’t Mean Duck)

  1. “Life in the Wild” is a beautiful creation. Both of these mosaics are expressive in a way I haven’t seen before. Good luck with the possum raffle. I hope it raises lots of money for Bush Heritage Australia.


  2. I have a place in my heart for mosaic tile work! Used to volunteer as an artist in residence (on the side) when I was still teaching. I’d help the kids to design and create school-wide projects for hallway areas. It is quite dazzling to step back and see a completed work! Your work is dazzling- I’m charmed by each. I admire the personality and textures. Best wishes on the raffle.

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  3. Your newest mosaic is a stunner, Tracy, truly beautiful. I admire how carefully you cut each tile to convey the texture it represents – not an easy skill as mastering how the tile will cut is part chance. I’ve tried a few and walked away depressed but your pieces are gorgeous! Someone is going to have a wonderful piece to hang in their home and you can both be proud of helping Australia recover from this awful summer. The best to all of you.

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    1. Thank you, Sharon. The dog mosaic was done a couple of years ago. It was my once in a decade piece. It really takes it out of you. I’m exhausted after an hour of having laid a couple of pieces. I do love how the tile cut can be so totally random but that it comes together as one organic whole.
      I’m going out for the raffle this Saturday.


  4. Tracy – these are truly Masterpieces!! I’m still in love with your Mountain pygmy possums and your Finnish Lapponian Dog mosaic ‘Life in the Wild’ also caught my heart at first sight! It’s so very beautiful and there’s so much soul to find in those eyes, it looks right through you and into your own. The colours and composition are just so wonderful too! You’re an amazing artist!! ❤

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    1. Thank you, Sarah. I had in mind that the dog was giving a “you’ve got to be joking, but I will do it because I love you” look. 🙂 It was pretty difficult to work out how I was going to go about creating the shape of trees and swirling snow. I think the background was harder than the dog.

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      1. Both – dog and background – look just beautiful! I can imagine the amount of work you put into your mosaics – which is why I’m sticking to splotchy watercolours. 😉


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