Charity begins at home, right?

Son:      The PM is going to hell.

Me:        Why?

Son:       Greed.  One of the seven deadly sins.

Me:        What do you mean?

Son:       Using power for his own political advantage.  Stifling dissent.  Providing handouts and special deals that will benefit the wealthy at the expense of the disadvantaged.  Driving people into poverty.

Me:        They call that marketing and trickle down economics.

Son:      Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.

The people have spoken.  When you can’t be rich, be kind.




17 thoughts on “Dinner Conversation

  1. This is my brother’s song. The Fool isn’t a Trump-like entity in Kirk’s and my vision. It’s very sweet to hear this song. I am also desperately sorry for the international reactionary bullshit.

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    1. Those were more innocent days, Martha. I think I might go up to a cave and meditate too. Also fits your character in Savior. Can’t remember his name at the moment.
      In Australia, Parliament House is built into a hill, so the song popped into my head, thus ruining a perfectly good song. 🙂

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  2. We recently had a federal election that claimed our PM was not “as advertised.” Turns out it was the leader of the Loyal Opposition who was not walking the walk, only talking the talk. The world of ‘virtue signalling’ eh!

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  3. Very wise words from your son, Tracy. If only those people like your pm would go to hell for their sins… but I have a feeling they will somehow buy their way out. 😦
    Actually love this song, but that’s not surprising since it’s the Beatles. 😉

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