Is it wrong to steal a loaf of bread to feed your starving family? Melinda Seed writes for Twice DiabetesThe diabetes world knows that people are travelling to Canada and Mexico to buy insulin. We know that people have died in the United States from a lack of insulin. We know that the prices of…

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9 thoughts on “Smooth (Diabetes) Criminals — Twice Diabetes

  1. Profits over compassion. In Canada, American citizens arrive daily to fill their prescriptions. On average they pay prescription costs which are about ten percent of the American costs. Not all prescription drugs are cheaper in Canada but many are cheaper. For example insulin costs about one tenth of the American cost, if purchased in Canada.

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      1. The political debate in Canada is whether to have a single payer government run Pharmacare programme as part of Canada’s Medicare system. Bulk buying of medicines to reduce costs as happens in other counties with such programmes designed to reduce costs.

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