Dear Readers, this is just a short post to let you know I continue to be persona non grata at the moment, meaning that my comments on your wonderful blogs are ending up as spam, or in some cases, are just disappearing into the ether.  I know not why, but if you have been wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately, please do check your spam folders.  If I’m not there, but exist somewhere else in the cloud mists of the internet, please know that I am with you in spirit, and that I will continue to talk to myself as it were, as I am quite certain that you would not deliberately ignore my very polite comments.


How mysterious!  What is equally mysterious is that my phone’s photo software has been updated and now I no longer look like myself.  When taking a selfie, which I hardly ever do except if it is to show off some ridiculous beanie that I’ve purchased, the phone re-shapes my face (makes it thinner) and irons out the wrinkles.

Check out this photo.  I look like some animé character that is about ten years old.  This is the last that you will see of me, except of course if I have any further admin notices.


Kind Regards.

Response to the Ragtag Daily PromptElaborate.

52 thoughts on “Where Am I?

      1. No I didn’t see the message. Interestingly I checked my spam folder this morning for the first time and there were many messages but they all disappeared within seconds of opening the folder. How frustrating!
        Ah! Somewhere … I heard the song (by Bobby Darin) in a cafe recently and the word floated around in my head. But Westside Story, I’ll have a look for the songs …

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  1. Hi Tracy;
    I enjoy your posts and in particular your music selections. Have you heard “Democracy” by Leonard Cohen? Cohen also wrote that 1970s song “Suzanne” and the much covered song “Hallelujah.” K.D. Lang has a powerful rendition of “Hallelujah”. I also like “Put your records on” by Corinne Balley Rae. Cohen has also written novels and books of poetry and lived a very complicated artistic life.

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    1. Hello Sid, I hope I didn’t guilt you into responding. I have a feeling you have been very busy lately. Summer is so short for you. Too short to be on the computer.
      But I am glad you did respond because, as usual, your replies are very thoughtful and I look forward to them.
      I’ve had a very nice hour listening to your song suggestions. I was going to include K.D. Lang in my song list but I ran out of days. Her rendition of “Hallelujah” is wonderful. Far better than most.
      How great is “Democracy”! I completely missed it in the 90s. Maybe it didn’t make it to Australia or I was just too busy at the time. I love “Put your records on”, which will come as no surprise to you. 🙂
      Speaking of other great Canadian singer/songwriters, I also adore James Keelaghan. I also heard Irish Mythen for the first time this year. She emigrated from Ireland (no kidding) and now lives on Prince Edward Island. Fabulous. Finally, on my internet search, I came across K.D’s interview with Australian comedian, Barry Humphries’ alter-ego, Dame Edna Everage. It is so funny. You might enjoy that.
      I’m having a break from my usual reflections on politics and social justice for the sake of my sanity. However, they keep threatening to emerge so I have to give myself a good talking to. It is not working that well.
      Regards. Tracy.

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  2. Thank you for letting us know, Tracy, I just rescued two of your comments from my spam file. It is strange, indeed. I will continue to check the spam more frequently until WordPress fixes this problem!

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  3. I was dumbfounded to find a comment from you was indeed in my spam and I’ve now “rescued” it and replied to you as well. From reading the comments above it seems to be happening on a very random basis. I was extremely indignant at this indignity to a lovely comment left in good faith at my blog >:-(

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  4. Hello Tracy. I’m sorry to hear you still have tech problems, too. I had major computer problems, which explains why I have not been blogging much. I was going insane trying to fix everything. I got it partially fix now but my blog menu and side bar have disappear. I’ve checked my spam folder and it contained nothing from you. Hope you get your spam thing and phone sorted soon.

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      1. Thanks Tracy. Your problem seems even worse than mine and I wish you the best of luck. I think you are doing the best thing at the moment. Try not to go insane. I keep telling myself: Relax, It’s just a blog! Cheers.

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  5. Hi Tracy, I had a similar issue recently and WP said it was an Apple issue. They had to reset their servers as I’d been commenting too much so the servers thought I was spam. Sigh. Good luck with getting it resolved, it took forever. Very weird about the photos tho, haven’t seen that one yet!

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  6. I know this jinx only too well, Tracy – my comments seem to vanish on a regular basis and don’t even show up in people’s spam folder which is really annoying. Especially when people might think I’m ignoring them or their blogs. But I’ve learned to live with that – I don’t think that there’s much one can do about it.
    That photo software is hilarious! My mum had her picture taken for a new passport a couple of years back, and suddenly there was loud laughter at the counter – people were looking how the photographer smoothed out all her wrinkles and gave her a holiday complexion on the screen of his computer! 😀

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      1. I doubt anyone would believe that you were deliberately ignoring them. 😉
        And you’re right about that software. I’ve heard last week that there’s a new trend though: software that makes you look older! I don’t know if that will be as successful though. 😀

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