Let me tell ya ’bout*

the birds

cockatooAustralian hobby

and the bees


and the flowers

flowershakea recurva

and the trees


and the moon up above


oh, let me tell ya ’bout lu..u..uv.

Makea demolishes a stick.

This is my  response to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge— Trees.  A big thank you goes to Ann-Christine who is hosting the challenge this week.  Click on Ann-Christine’s post to find out how to join in the weekly challenge.  Also in response to Kate’s Friday Fun — Moon.

I’ve included trees in all my photos, or at least a part of them.

Kind Regards.

*Words taken from The Birds and the Bees by Jewel Akens.

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    1. Dawnbird, now that I know that you can see replies, can I ask you to check your spam folder on your own site to see if my comments are stuck in there? I have been having a few issues lately with my comments going to spam. Maybe it has something to do with all the video posts I am doing.

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  1. absolutely love your clicks and now the tune is stuck … thanks for posting such a fun poem!

    Seems I’m a bit late to the party but only just got your link 🙂

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