I’m currently following Kyle Rohrig’s latest hike on the Florida Trail.  He is a hiking with a friend and his little shiba inu, Katana.  Katana’s story is as interesting as Kyle’s.  She was a pet shop impulse buy.  Katana accompanies Kyle on all his hikes.  The gorgeous girl had glaucoma in both eyes and is now blind.  Check them out here.


10 thoughts on “A Man And His Dog

      1. The Panhandle is really pretty, Tracy. Touristy, but not too much. Nothing like Orlando, which he mentions. That city is huge! I go there every year for a work conference, I love it but always glad to get back home.

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      2. I’m struck by the elevation stats that Kyle gives on his post. Judging by your photos of the pelicans on the wharf, you must be surrounded by sea. I am curious now to look at some satellite pictures. When I think of Orlando, I think of theme parks and the Kennedy Space Center and re-claimed land.


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