There is one thing certain about Australasian Grebes and that is they are very shy.  Come within 100 metres of them and they quickly dive below the surface of the water or they paddle away at a great pace leaving you in their wake.  Many a time on our holiday, we saw them in the distance and that is where they stayed, so no photographs (not good ones anyway).   It turns out that finding and getting close to these tiny waterbirds is a job for a professional.

Ama 1
The professional.

Back home, we thought we would take Ama, our Finnish Spitz, for a walk beside the river.  There is a reason we call our little dog Jaeger Maus.  The hunting instinct is strong in this pint-sized poppet.


Who should she flush out but some Australasian Grebes.  Of course, we had to keep Ama on lead for her own protection, lest she get a little damp by launching herself into the river, and also for the protection of the grebes as there would be no stopping her making a meal of them.

Australasian GrebesAA Grebes

These grebe are not in breeding plumage.  I wonder whether they are juveniles from the same clutch?

Found em
Found them.

Thanks Ama.  You can shut up now.


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  1. Only once have I seen grebes- on our olive farm many years ago- two tiny birds swimming in the dam. A twitcher friend told us grebes don’t inhabit our area, but I’m sure that’s what they were. Your Ama is very smart to find them.

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