I thought I might I pop down to the Australian War Memorial to look at the field of crocheted/knitted poppies that has been put in place to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice (end of WWI). In the meantime, I’ve discovered that Christine from Booming On has already posted on this. As I cannot improve on her words and photos, I am sharing her post with you.

Christine has an excellent blog. Why not drop in and check out her blog.


Sea of red knitted poppies planted at the Australian War Memorial

More than five years ago, two sisters-in-law – Lynn and Margaret – began knitting 120 poppies to honour their fathers who died during the Second World War. Those poppies grew into a community movement that’s collected hordes of volunteers, crossed oceans and spawned the creation of hundreds of thousands of poppies seen in gardens, ceremonies and displays across the world to honour our soldiers.

Last week in Canberra, a garden sea of these beautiful handmade red poppies was planted on the lawns of the Australian War Memorial, on their final stop in their world travels.


There are 62,000 poppies in the garden, knitted or crocheted by loving hands, each poppy representing an Australian soldier who died in the First World War. The display is part of the commemorations of approaching centenary of the armistice, which marked the official end of the First World War. That was ‘the war to end all…

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15 thoughts on “A field of red poppies at the Australian War Memorial: a sea of love and thanks

  1. I can’t help but admire the dedication and effort that went into making all those poppies, even though I agree with your previous commenter. The poppies on the lawn create a moving effect.

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  2. This red poppy project is amazing and it’s incredible how it’s grown. I belong to a small community. Our local CWA started making red poppies when the project started. It’s amazing to see them on Anzac Day. We hope to visit the Australian War Memorial early in 2019 #MLSTL Shared on SM. Will reblog to my history blog and link back to you

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    1. Jennifer,

      Thank you and the other ladies of the CWA for all the support you’ve given to the red poppy project. Please link back to Christine’s original post because it was her thoughtful words and photos that allowed me to share this beautiful project with you.

      I am sure you will find the Australian War Memorial very interesting. Do time your visit to include the closing of the War Memorial in the afternoon. At closing, a the story of one service man or woman is told. I understand that it is very moving.

      Kind Regards. Tracy.


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